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KU Senate approves budget of Rs. 174.26 crore

                     Kakatiya University Academic Senate at its 31th  meeting held on 29th  March, 2016 has approved a budget of Rs. 174.26 crore  for the next financial year 2016-17. In the absence of Incharge Vice-Chancellor T. Chiranjeevulu,  Commerce & Business Management Dean   Prof. M. Subramanya Sarma  presided over the Senate Meet and also presented the budget  which was unanimously approved by the members.  It is estimated that the university would get a revenue of Rs. 152.59 crore and the expenditure would be Rs. 174.26 crore. With an opening balance of Rs. 12.39 crore, the deficit comes to Rs. 9.28 crore.  While the university needs Rs. 106.84 crore towards teaching and non-teaching staff salaries, an amount of Rs. 67.03 is sanctioned by  the state government as grant-in-aid.

     An amount of Rs. 12.44 crore  was allocated for developmental activities which include Rs. 10 lakh  for auditorium, Rs. 5 crore for KU College of Engineering & Technology. Further  an amount of Rs. 7.86 crore was earmarked for Sports Board, Rs. 1.69 crore for NSS activities, Rs. 12 lakh for Internet facilities, Rs. 36.67 crore for Examination Branch, Rs. 13.35 lakh  for University Library, Rs. 7.80 lakh for University Health Centre, Rs. 9.50 lakh  for  Welfare and recreations activities, Rs. 11.25 lakh for Student Services, Rs. 3.0 lakh for Library Automation, Rs. 25.00 lakh for plantation, beautification of campus, maintenance of lawns and  Rs. 20.00 lakh for laying of roads.


       University Incharge Registrar Prof. Khaja Althaf Hussain appraised the development of the University to the Senate. Former Vice-Chancellors Prof. Vidyavathi,  Prof. N. Linga Murthy, SDLCE Director Prof. Ch. Dinesh Kumar, Ampashayya Naveen, Lion Pokala Chander and Finance Officer P.V. Ramesh Kumar, Principals, Deans, Heads of departments, Administrative Officers were among the present.