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List of Succession of Co-ordinators/Directors:
Sl.No Name of the Director


01 Dr. G. Balraj, Co-ordinator


02 Dr.B. Venkat Rathnam, Co-ordinator


03 Prof.A. Amrutha Rao, I/c


04 Dr.D. Sakriya, Co-ordinator


05 Dr.Banna. Ailaiah, Director


06 Dr.A. Ragan, Director


07 Dr.P. Sammulal, Director


08 Dr.P. Sambaiah, Director


09 Dr.Banna. Ailaiah, Director


10 Dr.Y. Venkaiah,


11 Dr.M. Tirumala Devi


12 Dr.G. Brahmeshwari


13 Dr.Esam. Narayana,


14 Dr. Srinivas Munjum




  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) has given priority to the downtrodden students and staffs during IX plan period and given direction to all the universities to establish SC/ST Cell.
  • The SC/ST Cell at Kakatiya University was constituted in the year 1985.
  • After the establishment of the Cell in the university, it specifically concentrated on the welfare of the SC/ST students, Research scholars and Staffs
  • The main aim of the Cell is to monitor the guidelines issued by the University Grants Commission (MHRD) and by the department of Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Telangana from time to time


Advisory Committee / Standing Committee:

For effective impementation of policies and programmes of the reservation policy for the SCs/STs in the unviversity, an Advisory Committee has also been constitued as under


Members of the Standing Committee
The Vice-Chancellor,K.U Chairman
Prof. D. Sakriya, Dept. of Commerce & Busi.Mgmt.,K.U Member
Prof. G. Dayakar, Dept. of Chemistry,K.U Member
Prof. B. Ailaiah, Dept. of Telugu,K.U Member
Prof. A. Ragan, Dept. of Botany,K.U Member
Dr. V. Ramchandram, SDLCE,K.U Member
Dr. G. Brahmeshwari, Dept. of Chemistry, K.U Member
Dr. J. Madhukar, Dept. of Chemistry,K.U Member
Dr.Y. Venkaiah, Dept. of Zoology,K.U Member
Dr. B. Manjula, Dept. of Computer Science,K.U Member
The Principal University Arts & Sci. College, Subedari, K.U Member
The Principal, L.B. College, Warangal. Member
The Principal, Kakatiya Degree College, Hanamkonda Member
The Deputy Director, Social Welfare Department, Wgl. Member
The Director, SC/ST Cell, K.U. Member & Secretary


The  SC/ST  Cell us montoring the following activies of the university:


  • The SC/ST Cell is giving wide publicity through circulars to all the faculties and informs the students about the various scholarships; namely, Post-Metric Scholarship, Meritorious Scholarship, P.G. Women Scholarship, Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship, P.G. Scholarship for professional courses, ICMR, CSIR, ICSSR and other scholarships, and fellowships.
  • The SC/ST Cell has taken up the problems of the SC/ST students and employees with the university authorities and has solved some of them amicably. The cell, in the ultimate analysis, has been a user friendly counsellor to all SC/ST employees and students
  • The SC/ST Cell is also helping the SC/ST Research Scholars in getting the University Fellowship from the university and the government. The University is providing statistical information periodically and promptly on all aspects to the Government of India, and the State Government.


Activites Of the SC/ST Cell:

The Kakatiya University has started the special activities so as to tune the students belonging to SC/ST. Remedial coaching classes are conducted in the following areas;

  • ENTERY IN TO SERVICE Coaching Classes
  • Coaching Classes for NET/SLET.
  • Bank Coaching Classes.
  • Research Methodology Classes.
  • Coaching classes for TSPSC,UPSC Examinations under entry into services.
  • Birth day celebrations of Dr. B.R. Ambedhkar and Dr.Babu Jagjeevan Ram.
  • Santh Shri Seva Lal Mahraj.
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedhkar Memorial Day on 6th December in every year.


Inaugurations of New Statues 2011 :

  • image01
  • image02



Agenda :


  • Welcoming the guests to dais and honouring with flower bunches;
  • Jyothi Prajwalana by guests and garlanding the photo/portrait of Dr. Babu Jagjivan Ram
  • Presidential address - Dr. M. Tirumala Devi, Director SC/ST Cell
  • Inviting some personalities for brief messages
  • Message by guest of honour - Prof. K. Sayulu garu, Registrar of Kakatiya University
  • Main speakers speech - Prof. E. Sudha Rani garu, Former Dean, Faculty of Sciences, Head, Dept. of History, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad
  • Message by chief guest - Prof. B. Venkat Rathnam garu Vice-Chancellor of Kakatiya University
  • Felicitations to Prof. E. Sudha Rani garu
  • Vote of thanks


NET Coaching Scheme for SC/ST/OBC/Minority
Director SC/ST/ Cell. K.U, Warangal Resource Parsons
01 Retd. Prof. N. Ramnathkishan
Kakatiya University
(I) Teaching Aptitude.
02 Retd. Prof. M.A. Singara charya
Kakatiya University
(IX) People & Environment
Pollutants and their impact on human life, exploitation of natural and energy resources.
03 Retd. Prof. G. Rameshwaram
Kakatiya University
(II) Research Methodology Psychology.
(X) Higher Education System :Governance, Polity And Administration
04 Retd. Prof. S.S.V. Sharma
Kakatiya University
(VIII) Concept Terminology
General abbreviations and terminology.
05 M. Sudhakar Rao (V) Reasoning Including Mathematical.
(VI) Logical Reasoning.
06 Dr. V. Muttu
Dr. B.R. Ambekar Open University
(I) Teaching Aptitude
Factors affecting Teaching
Methods of Teaching.
Teaching aids.
Evaluation System.
07 Dr. B. Manjula
Kakatiya University
(VII) Data Interpretation.
08 Y. Arun dhathi
IELTS & TOFFL - Trainer
(III) Reading Comprehension.
(IV) Communication
09 M. Rajendra Prasad (VIII) Information and Communication Technology.
10 P. Ramesh (VII) Data Interpretation.