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Vision and Philosophy : 

  • To foster an environment of excellent centre of human resource development in plant sciences and its exploitation for the benefit of mankind at local, regional, and global level.
  • To conduct innovative research on the motifs and processes of plant life and their environments. 
  • To identify the present and future challenges of Plant sciences and to develop the strategies for conservation of indigenous plant resources.
  • To develop the department as the region’s nodal centre for imparting skill and extension. 

  About the Department

The Department of Botany, one of the oldest departments of Kakatiya University, was established in 1968 in the erstwhile PG centre of Osmania University. The founding fathers with their foresight and vision have laid strong foundation for teaching and carrying out research in plant sciences. Over the years, it has steadily progressed into one of the prestigious departments in the university. The faculty members are engaged in active research through the plan funds of UGC, CSIR, NRSC, IIRS, DBT, DST, ICAR, AICTE and other funding agencies. Most of the teaching faculty members have worked in research labs in UK, USA, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, etc. under UGC education and exchange programmes. In recognition of excellent research conducted by the faculty, UGC, New Delhi has sanctioned funds under 7th to 12th plan period and also under SAP-DRS-I, DRS-II, DRS-III & BSR programmes. DST, New Delhi has sanctioned FIST scheme for improving infrastructure for advanced research.

The infrastructural facilities were greatly expanded. The research wok carried out by the faculty and their scholars has received appreciation and the department is able to carve its own uniqueness in diverse areas of plant sciences. The testimony of these efforts and hard work is measured in terms of quality research publications in reputed national and international journals. The students after completion of M.Sc. course are leaving the portals of the department with great confidence. The department is a vigorous one with all its academic activities. It has organized a number of national seminars, symposia and workshops. The department has been instrumental in starting Microbiology and Biotechnology departments as regular and M.Sc. Environmental Science, M.Sc. Botany and M.Phil. in distance mode. Non-teaching faculty also played a vital role in the growth and development of the department.

 Golden Jubliee Celebrations Organized by Dept. of Botany, KU.



S.No. Name of the Head Year
Start End
1 Prof. Jafar Nizam 1968 1974
2 Prof U.B.S. Swami 1974 1980
3 Prof. L.L. Narayana 1980 1987
4 Prof. Bir Bahadur 1987 1990
5 Prof. Vidyavati 1990 1993
6 Prof. Digamber Rao 1993 1995
7 Prof. V. Thiruathaiah 1995 1997
8 Prof. S. M. Reddy 1997 1999
9 Prof. K. Subhash 1999 2001
10 Prof. N. Pratap Reddy 2001 2003
11 Prof. A. Sadanandam 2003 2005
12 Prof. C. Suvartha 2005 2006
13 Prof. B. Mallaiah 2006 2008
14 Prof. K. Jaganmohan Reddy 2008 2010
15 Prof. Vatsavaya S. Raju 2010 2010
16 Prof. B. Digamber Rao 2010 2012
17 Prof. Ajmeera Ragan 2012 2014
18 Dr. V. Krishna Reddy 2014 2016
19 Dr. M. Surekha 2014 2018
20 Dr. T. Christopher 2018 2019
21 Dr. B. Lalitha Kumari 2019 2021
22 Dr. Md. Mustafa 2021 Till Date



S.No. Name of the BOS Year
Start End
1 Prof U.B.S. Swami 1976 1980
2 Prof. L.L. Narayana 1980 1984
3 Prof. Bir Bahadur 1984 1987
4 Prof. L.L. Narayana 1987 1990
5 Prof. Bir Bahadur 1990 1992
6 Prof. S. M. Reddy 1992 1994
7 Prof. Vidyavathi 1994 1996
8 Prof. Digamber Rao 1996 1998
9 Prof. V. Thirupathaiah 1998 2000
10 Prof. C. Suvartha 2000 2002
11 Prof. K. Subhash 2002 2004
12 Prof. N. Pratap Reddy 2004 2007
13 Prof. Vatsavaya S. Raju 2007 2009
14 Prof. B. Mallaiah 2009 2010
15 Prof. K. Jaganmohan Reddy 2010 2012
16 Prof. B. Digamber Rao 2012 2014
17 Prof. Ajmeera Ragan 2014 2016
18 Dr. V. Krishna Reddy 2016 2018
19 Dr. M. Surekha 2018 2020
20 Dr. Md. Mustafa 2020 2021
21 Dr. B. Lalitha Kumari 2021 Till Date