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The UGC has sanctioned Gandhian Studies Centre to Andhra University during the Xth Plan to propagate Gandhian ideals among students, staff and the general public and conduct research on Gandhism. The Centre is housed in the Social Sciences Block


  • To propagate social and political ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and other great leaders of Indian freedom movement to students and other members of the society.
  • To conduct research on the political and economic ideas of Gandhi, Indian Freedom Movement, Panchayati Raj and Rural Development and other issues which were dear to Mahatma Gandhi.
  • To publish books, booklets and articles on Mahatma Gandhi, Indian Freedom Movement and Rural Development.
  • To conduct short term and long term courses, workshops, symposiam, seminars and orientation programmes to various target groups on different dimensions of Gandhian Thought.
  • To establish a documentation center and library on Gandhian Philosophy and related subjects.
  • To analyze and interpret the relevance of Gandhian Philosophy and apply it to contemporary problems.

Prof. K. VijayaBabu of the Department of History & Tourism Management, Kakatiya University has been appointed as Director of the Gandhian Studies Center, Kakatiya University, on 8-08-2017.

  • After assuming the office, the following programmes have been organized on the University Campus of Kakatiya University for the benefit of the Students, Scholars and also Young Teachers of the University. The students of the Constituent Colleges like University College, University Arts & Science College, University College of Commerce & Business Management, University PG College, University Law College, University Women’s College have also participated in the programmes.
  • A popular Lecture programme has been organized on the topic “Gandhian Philosophy and its Relevance in the Contemporary Society”on 24-08-2017,at 3:30 PM.
  • The Birth Anniversary of Gandhiji
  • The death anniversary of Gandhiji
  • One Week Workshop on Gandhijji and His Contribution to Indian Society:19-25th Feb, 2018.
  • One Day Workshop on NaiTaleem (Gandhian Education