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A Yoga Centre sponsored by UGC was established in Kakatiya University campus in December 2000. To run the activities of the Yoga Centre, the University administration has provided the required staff, accommodation and equipment. The Yoga Centre has been conducting certificate courses (3 months duration) since December, 2000 along with various other activities pertaining to Yoga teaching, training and propagation.

Few extension lectures were arranged by the Yoga Centre for the benefit of the staff and the students of the University. Some eminent personalities in the Yoga field, like Prof. P. Obula Reddy from Sri Krishnadevaraya University and few others have delivered the extension lectures.

A New Yoga Therapy wing at the Yoga Centre was inaugurated. It possesses several instruments and facilities for the therapeutic services which are available for the use of the staff and the students of our university.

The university has allocated yearly budget of Rs. 50,000/- for contingency and maintenance of Yoga Centre. These funds are used for conducting the extension lectures, National Seminars as well as for the maintenance of the centre The Staff of Yoga Centre has been working with utmost commitment and dedication to spread the awareness of Yoga and its application to the staff and students of the university as well as the general public of the society