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The main motto of the centre is to MOTIVATE, ASSIST and SETTLE. It seeks to motivate, guide and train all the students of the university irrespective of their social status to select the right career and make them responsible citizens. Eventually, it converts LEARNING of the students into WINNING.

Students Welfare Centre has three wings. They are: 1. Counselling Bureau; 2. Career Guidance Bureau and 3. Students Welfare Bureau.
SL. No The objectives of Counselling Bureau are:
1 Disseminating the information regarding various academic programs on the campus and from other colleges/universities.
2 Guiding the students in selecting the right path,
3 Providing access to the internet facilities.
4 Motivating the students to improve their personality through career development courses and programs,
5 Creating awareness about duties and responsibilities to become good citizens,
6 Extending help to the similar activities of other colleges and universities.

SL. No The objectives of Counselling Bureau are:
1 Showing various career and competitive opportunities open to the students,
2 Imparting interview, debating, group discussion and presentation skills to the students,
3 Conducting the training programs in collaboration with industries, recruiting agencies, etc.,
4 Preparing the students for entrepreneurship,
5 Developing the all-round personality of the students,
6 Making the students ‘earn-while-they-learn'.

SL. No The objectives of Students Welfare Bureau are:
1 improving the communication skills, GK, IQ, EQ of the students,
2 assisting the students in drafting, preparation of CVs, etc.,
3 creating a sense of community service through participation,
4 inculcating positive thinking for physical and mental health,
5 providing conducive atmosphere to strengthen teaching-learning process, student-teacher relationship, peer group relationship, etc.,
6 coordinating the programs of SDLCE, Kakatiya Adhyayana Kendram, Coaching Center for Minorities, Center for Women’s Studies, SC & ST Cell, Yoga Center, Health Center and Sports Board.

SL. No The following activities are proposed to realize the above objectives:
1 Providing Career Guidance
2 Organizing Orientation and Training Programs
3 Showing Job Opportunities
4 Organizing Personality Development Programs
5 Conducting Model Tests and Mock Interviews
6 Arranging Expert Lectures and Motivation Sessions
7 Improving Communication Skills
8 Conducting Bridge and Remedial Courses
9 Student Data
10 Providing Internet Facilities
11 Creating Talented Student Task Force
12 Conducting Literary Activities
13 Organizing Cultural Events and National Festivals
14 Conducting University Fairs and Meets
15 Publishing Newsletters
16 Bringing out Placement Brochures
17 Providing Study Material for Career Development
18 Conducting Education and Industrial Tours
19 Creating Students Question Bank for various Competitive Examinations
20 Introducing "Earn-while-you-learn" Scheme
21 Felicitating Meritorious Students.