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Kakatiya University is the second largest university in the state of Telangana after the most prestigious Osmania University.  It was formed in the year 1976 to meet the aspirations of Telangana People for higher education.  It was started as the Post Graduate Centre associated to Osmania University which later got elevated to a state university level.

Kakatiya University had always been making efforts to meet the aspirations of all the students for higher education in all possible ways.  They were namely Student Service centres headed by the senior faculty of the university.  Any student related notifications issued by the state government used to be taken to the notice of all the stakeholders through timely notifications and circulars.  

The evolution of digital era led the university to reach all its stakeholders namely students, faculty and the supporting staff through an attractive and well-structured website.  The website is hosted under the academic domain whose URL is www.kakatiya.ac.in.

In order to cater to the needs of all the stakeholders continuously round the clock, a supporting centre has been constituted with the name “University Website and Campus Networking(UWCN)” and all its actions are being monitored by senior faculty member having all the related technical expertise.

All the events that will be taken up by the university administration will be updated on the website from time to time.  The information pertaining to all the academic events namely, seminars / conferences / workshops will be displayed, and the viewers will be guided to the related web pages through the appropriate hyperlinks thereof.

The university administration is of the strong opinion that the alumni is the best reflection of all its actions. The website provides an interface through which the alumni get registered using the appropriate links.  The UWCN cell maintains the information related to the alumni in the form of a database which in turn helps the university administration to improve the quality of education by involving the alumni of the related domain in the academic events which will also inspire the students on the campus by witnessing the status of the alumni.

The academic calendars (almanacs) and the syllabus of all the departments are published in a well-structured manner on the website from time to time.   

The notifications related to the Examination Fee payment, conduction, declaration of the results will be updated on the website from time to time. 

The website also provides the link that lead to the digital payments to ease the stakeholders in getting the appropriate service.

The UWCN cell maintains a mail server that facilitates official communication for faculty, staff and administrators using their  institute mail ids and storing all the mail content.

The UWCN cell installs the networking devices at the appropriate places to ensure smooth and uninterrupted internet connectivity on the campus.

During this process, the cell takes the responsibility of running/laying the optical fibre cable.

The connectivity problems are brought by the stakeholder to the notice of the cell through its mail-id which in turn will be immediately addressed to.  

It also acts as a liaison between the Internet Service Provider and the university for the uninterrupted service throughout the year.

Also there will be publishing of tender notifications, the links that lead to the download of certain important documents and other related services.