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Vision Statement

The Cell for the Persons with Disabilities will strive to always serve students with disabilities in higher education, thereby to develop a society in which individuals with disabilities thrive and participate fully to become responsible decision-makers, problem solvers and self-advocates in charge of their own destiny.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cell for the Persons with Disabilities is to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all university programs and activities. It provides students the opportunity to reach their full potential by: 

  • Coordinating academic accommodations and support services
  • Promoting independence and self-advocacy
  • Providing information and referral to appropriate resources
  • Building and maintaining partnerships with faculty and staff
  • Promoting disability awareness among all members of the university community
  • Providing guidance regarding university policies and procedures to ensure the full participation for persons with disabilities in all aspects of campus life
  • Assisting disabled graduates to gain successful employment in the public as well as private sector. 

Actions Initiated by the University

The Kakatiya University vide its letter no. 262/B2/Acad/2010 dated 17-04-2010 sanctioned the following concessions/exemptions to the differently-abled students belonging to the constituent and affiliated colleges. They go as under.

  1. 1.For Deaf and Dumb students
    • Exemption from writing the General English papers under part-I
    • Reduction of pass marks from 35% to 25% for all subjects
    • Exemption from the payment of Examination Fee
    • Thirty minutes of Extra time will be given in the university examinations
    • The students are relaxed from attending the university examinations conducted through jumbling System.  By virtue of this, they will be attending the examinations at their own colleges.
  2. 2.For Visual impaired  students
    • Exemption from the payment of Examination Fee
    • THIRTY MINUTES OF EXTRA TIME will be given in the university examinations
    • Reduction of pass marks from 35% to 25% for all subjects
    • Providing the scribe (the chief superintendent should satisfy himself of total blindness of the candidate). The scribe should be of Degree standard in subject other than the papers for which the candidate is appearing.
  3. 3.For Physically Challenged Students (Ortho)
    • Exemption from the payment of Examination Fee
    • THIRTY MINUTES OF EXTRA TIME will be given in the university examinations
    • Providing the scribe to those who are incapable of using hands due to accident/illness
    • Reduction of pass marks from 35% to 25% for all subjects.

Also there is some relaxation granted to differently-abled students in the minimum qualifying marks and registration fee for PG admission counseling process on par with those meant for SC/ST students.

The Kakatiya university has sanctioned the following concessions to the differently-abled students in addition to the above concessions as per the directions Executive Council.

Free boarding and lodging in the university hostels.

Presently the hostel rooms in the university hostels are being allocated to the differently-abled students in the ground floor only.  Also the room allotment ensures that the wash rooms are just near by the rooms of these differently-abled students.

The University has constituted a special cell namely “Cell for the Persons with Disabilities” with the intercom facility in a place where it is easily accessible to everyone.  The objective of this functionary is to attend to the requirements of Differently-abled Persons on priority basis.

The university has completed constructing ramps with railings on both sides almost at all the departments to let tricycles pass freely directly to the classrooms.

International Day of Differently-Abled Persons

Every year, 3rd December, being the International day of differently-abled persons, the cell celebrates amidst all differently-abled students, employees and determines an action plan chalked out for execution in the coming year in the interest of this deprived community, after having full length deliberations with all intellectuals.

The students are generally encouraged to take part in the sport and cultural events and the winners/active participants of such events will be felicitated on this day of celebrations.  The Vice-Chancellor/Registrar of the University along with district officials, intellectuals working in the society for a noble cause of uplifting the differently abled community generally take part in the celebrations.


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