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Brief history of the Department               

The department of Microbiology has a humble take off in 1993 with minimum financial support from UGC seventh plan.  Prof. S.M. Reddy, Prof. Vidyavati and Prof. V. Thirupathaiah, have made a strong foundation to this department in teaching and research frontiers. The successful installation of UG Program in many degree colleges has given a great responsibility to the department and developed a sound curriculum and converted it in to a job oriented vocational program. Slowly and steadily many colleges offered this course in UG and PG levels. At the same time, Ph.D. program was also initiated and all the staff is actively engaged in this research activity. Considering the contribution of the department in the research the DST has sanctioned FIST and UGC recognized under SAP. The faculty are very active in research and sanctioned with around one crore grants from UGC, DBT, DST, CSIR, MoEF and DRS-BSR. So far 19 batches of students completed their PG program and came out well settled in their life. The department has given utmost importance for the syllabus and updated it for every 5 years incorporating the recent trends and contemporary methodologies. Practical component in the curriculum was also updated and the students were trained with useful modern techniques.

Mission of the Department

It shall develop competent, committed and compassionate leaders with advanced    level of knowledge skills and attitude required to manage changes in the field.

It shall endeavor to continuously acquire, upgrade, disseminate knowledge, creating and developing skills of highly adaptable employees capable of working in both laboratory and managerial roles

It shall encourage students to go beyond the classroom and learn on the basis research and applications.

Uncompromising commitment to teaching and to develop practical laboratory skills.