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The Department of Zoology was established in the year 1968 as PG Centre under Osmania University,Hyderabad. Later, it was shifted to the existing campus in 1973 as a full-fledged Department, with spacious classrooms, laboratories for students and research labs for faculty members in addition to museum, library and state-of- the-art Conference Hall, Computer Lab with internet facility, all housed in a built area of about 15,000 sft and Laboratory space of about 8,000 sft. Since then it is flourishing into a quality education centre for the students and research scholars in the subject ZOOLOGY.

About KU


Name of the University : KAKATIYA UNIVERSITY
Name of the Department : ZOOLOGY
Year of establishment : 1976
City : Warangal
Phone : 0870-2461430
Pincode : 506009
Names of programmes offered : UG, PG, Ph.D.,PGDS
& P.G., M.Phil (SDLCE) & Ph.D. Programmes
Examination System : Choice Based Credit System
Semester /Annual
Semester-wise Internal Assessment
Number of teaching posts sanctioned by UGC :
Designation Sanctioned
Professor 2
Associate Professors 6
Asst. Professors 13
Total 21

The following is the succession of Heads of the Department, who moulded the Department into present position.

Sl. No Name Year
1 Prof.S.H. Qadri 1968-1973
2 Prof.P. Ramchander Rao 1973-1976
3 Prof. S.S. Simha 1976-1977
4 Prof. T. Vasudev 1977-1981
5 Prof.N. Chari 1982-1986
6 Prof. T. Bhasker Rao 1987-1990
7 Prof. Susan Bhasker Rao 1990-1993
8 Prof. P. Venkat Reddy 1993-1995
9 Prof. T. Rajendranath 1995-1997
10 Prof. A. Purushotham Rao 1997-1999
11 Prof. M. Kameshwari 1999-2001
12 Prof. C. Janaiah 2001-2003
13 Prof. V. Laxmipathi 2003-2005
14 Prof. Ch. Sammaiah 2005-2007
15 Dr. N. Janaki Rama Rao 2007-2008
16 Prof. N. Vijaya Kumar 2008-2010
17 Prof. Y. Prameela Devi 2010-2012
18 Prof. M. Krishna Reddy 2012-2014
19 Prof. M. Swamy 2014-2014
19 Prof. T. Ravinder Reddy 2014-2016
20 Prof. G. Benarjee 2016-2016
21 Dr. G. Shamitha 2016-2017
22 Dr.E.Narayana 2017-2019
21 Dr. Y. Venkaiah 2019-2021                                                                                     
22 Dr. M. Estari 2021-2023


The following is the succession of Chairpersons, Board of Studies, since its establishment in 1990.

Sl. No Name Year
1 Prof. T. Bhasker Rao 1990-1992
2 Prof. Susan Bhasker Rao 1993-1995
3 Prof. P. Venkat Reddy 1992-1993
4 Prof. L. Narasimha Rao 1995-1997
5 Prof. C. Janaiah 1997-1999
6 Prof. A. Purshotham Rao 1999-2001
7 Prof. T. Rajendranath 2001-2003
8 Prof. M. Kameshwari 2003-2004
9 Prof. G. Raghu ramulu 2004-2006
10 Prof. N. Vijaya Kumar 2006-2008
11 Prof. Ch. Sammaiah 2008-2010
12 Prof. M. Krishna Reddy 2010-2012
13 Prof. M. Swamy 2012-2014
14 Prof. Y. Prameela Devi 2014-2016
15 Prof. T. Ravinder Reddy 2016-


Brief history of the Department               

The department of Microbiology has a humble take off in 1993 with minimum financial support from UGC seventh plan.  Prof. S.M. Reddy, Prof. Vidyavati and Prof. V. Thirupathaiah, have made a strong foundation to this department in teaching and research frontiers. The successful installation of UG Program in many degree colleges has given a great responsibility to the department and developed a sound curriculum and converted it in to a job oriented vocational program. Slowly and steadily many colleges offered this course in UG and PG levels. At the same time, Ph.D. program was also initiated and all the staff is actively engaged in this research activity. Considering the contribution of the department in the research the DST has sanctioned FIST and UGC recognized under SAP. The faculty are very active in research and sanctioned with around one crore grants from UGC, DBT, DST, CSIR, MoEF and DRS-BSR. So far 19 batches of students completed their PG program and came out well settled in their life. The department has given utmost importance for the syllabus and updated it for every 5 years incorporating the recent trends and contemporary methodologies. Practical component in the curriculum was also updated and the students were trained with useful modern techniques.

Mission of the Department

It shall develop competent, committed and compassionate leaders with advanced    level of knowledge skills and attitude required to manage changes in the field.

It shall endeavor to continuously acquire, upgrade, disseminate knowledge, creating and developing skills of highly adaptable employees capable of working in both laboratory and managerial roles

It shall encourage students to go beyond the classroom and learn on the basis research and applications.

Uncompromising commitment to teaching and to develop practical laboratory skills.