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The Centre for Women’s Studies and Empowerment (CWSE), Kakatiya University, Warangal,   was established at the end of the IX Plan (2000-2001). It was upgraded to Phase II in the year 2011-12. The Centre is funded by UGC, New Delhi. M.A. Gender Studies course was started in the year 2013-14. It is now an independent department. Since its inception, the centre has made significant strides by bringing out a journal Kakatiya Journal of Women’s Studies (KJWS). The Centre has taken up programmes in line with UGC Guidelines. Further, it mainly aims at the following objectives.

Vision:  The vision of the centre is to empower women and to raise gender sensitization

Mission: The mission of the centre is to maintain gender equality through education and employment. To maintain student’s code of conduct that promotes gender parity at the governance level.


  • To promote inclusiveness, tolerance and harmony among the students and teachers
  • To promote activities on health, hygiene and nutrition among girl students
  • To conduct workshops on safety and security of women
  • To provide career counseling to girl students
  • To conduct workshops and seminars on Gender Sensitization

The primary objective of the centre is "Inclusive of Exclusive" as women is oppressed, suppressed and subjugated in the society. The achievement of gender equality is the ultimate goal to attain this objective. Moreover, empowerment of women is identified as a tool to move towards gender equality.  Centre for Women's Studies and Empowerment also focuses on the issues related to Dalit and Adivasi Women.

The seminars, workshops and research projects were conducted in collaboration with other departments such as Social Sciences and Humanities. The question of women involves extensive activity. The centre conducts various activities like awareness programmes, symposiums, discussions and workshops etc to raise gender awareness among girl students, research Scholars, women employees.






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Prof Padma



Prof K. Katyayani



Prof T. Jyothi Rani



Prof K. Manuja Devi



Mrs R. Vijayalatha



Dr T.V. Sujatha Kumari



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Prof  K. Padmalatha



Dr B. Lalitha Kumari



Prof A. Jyothi



Prof V. Sreedevi



Dr B. Deepa Jyothi


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Year-wise activities of Centre for Women's Studies: Date of establishment 21-10-2000

Sl. no Name of the Director Year Activities undertaken
1 Dr B.Deepajyothi 2022- till date
  1.  Awareness programme on Sexual Abuse and Eve Teasing, 16th June, 2022
  2.  DigitALL: Innovation and Technology  for Gender Equality on International Women’s Day,     8thMarch, 2023
2 Prof V. Sreedevi 2021-2022
  1. Awareness programme on Mahila Chaitanya Samanvaya Samalochana, 27th Oct, 2021                 
  2.  Neti Stri Purusha Samanathvam-Repati Samaja Susthirathvam on International Women’s Day,      8th March, 2022
3 Prof. A. Jyothi 2020-2021
  1. Gendering Indian Films, 26th & 27th Feb, 2020
4 Dr B. Lalitha Kumari 2018-2020
  1. Women’s as Critical Partners in an Egalitarian Society: An Evaluation of the Current Status in     India, 29th & 30th Jan, 2018           
  2. Role of Social Media in Empowerment of Women, 5th & 6th Feb, 2018
  3. Women in the Changing Society in India: Trends and Opportunities , 23rd & 24th Feb, 2018
  4. Rural Women & Development: Issues and Perspectives,  16th & 17th March, 2019
  5.  Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovation for Change on International Women’s Day, 8th March,     2019  
5 Prof  K. Padmalatha


  1. International Women’s Day on Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50, 08th March, 2017
  2. Awareness programme on Moving towards Safety and Security of Women, 31st October, 2017                                                           
6 Dr.G.Shamitha 2015- 2017
  1. Legal awareness Programme on Women Laws, 10-2-2016
  2. National Science Day Competitions On 5-3-2016
  3. International Women's Day and Meet the Scientist Progamme on 8-3-2016
  4. International Women's Day, In collaboration with KU Association of Women Teachers, SDLCE, 10-3-2016
  5. 2-day National Seminar on 'Food Security for women and Children in India: Challenges and opportunities, 21-22. March 2016
  6. 2-Day program Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) (06-March-2017 to 07-March-2017) Organized by Center for Women's Studies Kakatiya University, Warangal-506009
  7. 1-Day Seminar on Innovation & Incubation For Young Entrepreneurs March 8th, 2017, Organized by Center for Women's Studies & University College of Commerce & Business Management Kakatiya University
7 Dr. T. V. Dr.T.V.Sujatha Kumari 2013-2015
  1. Issues and challenges of girls in Higher Education, 3-10-2013
  2. Discussion on violence on women, 24-10-2013
  3. 2 weeks Computer Training, 4-11-2013 to 16-11-2013
  4. Awareness programme on anti-ragging, 17-11-2013
  5. Symposium on violence against women, 25-11-2015
  6. 2-day National Seminar on "Inspiring change towards gender equality", 1-2 March, 2014
  7. International women's day , 8-3-2014
  8. Release of Kakatiya Journal of Women's Studies.
8 R. Vijayalatha 2012-2013
  1. Discussion on violence on women, 24-12-2012
  2. Social Problem confronted by women: suggested remedies, 4-1-2013
  3. Harassment on women: Reasons and remedies, 25-2-2013
  4. Discussion on Role of Women in het development of Society, 6-2-2013
  5. International women's day , 8-3-2013
  6. Women's Health: Discussion with gynaecologist: 15-3-2013
  7. 2-day National Seminar on "Opportunities and challenges for women in changing global scenario", 22-23 march, 2013
9 Prof. K. Manuja Devi 2010-2012
  1. Symposium on" Literature and Women's life", 2-11-2009
  2. Symposium on " Praja kavi Kaloji's Life and literature- Democratic values", 23-2-2010
  3. 2-day National Seminar on "Regional backwardness Vs Women's Development, 19th -20th March, 2010.
  4. Awareness programme on Prevention of Ragging, 27-9-2010
  5. International women's day , 8-3-2011
10 Prof. Jyothi Rani 2008-2010
  1. Protest meeting against liquor, 16-6-2008
  2. Workshop on Freedom of Press Vs Social Justice, 7-7-2008
  3. 2-day National Seminar on " Empowerment of women- challenges, Indian Experience", 7-8 March, 2009
  4. 2-day State level workshop on "Dalit Telangana Women's Literature", 21-22, March, 2009.
  5. Project on Occupational problems and challenges of rural women- An empirical study in Raghunathapally village of Warangal dist.
  6. Project on Impact of National Rural health Mission with special reference to Reproduction and Child Health on Rural poor women- A study in Telangana (2005-10)
  7. Project on Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
  8. 2-day National Seminar on Rural women towards experiments and experiences, 19-20th march, 2008
11 Prof. K. Katyayani 2006-2008
  1. Workshop on Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, 25-11-2006
  2. Review on Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, 27-9-2007
  3. Workshop of Women sarpanches in Mulug division, 18-12-2006
  4. Workshop of Women sarpanches in Mahabubabad division, 29-12-2006
  5. Workshop of Women sarpanches in Narsampet division, 8-1-2007
  6. Workshop of Women sarpanches in Janagaon division, 19-1-2007
  7. Workshop of Women sarpanches in Warangal division, 26-2-2007
  8. Workshop on Demestic Violence-2005, 2-9-2007
  9. Empowerment of Womne MMPTC Members, 24-9-2007
  10. 2-day National Seminar on Women empowerment in the context of Rural Transformation, 30-31, march, 2007
12 Prof. Padma 2004-2006
  1. Symposium on Mentally Retarded Children, 20-12-2004
  2. Sensitisation programme on HIV/AIDS for voluntary organsiations, 5-3-2005
  3. Empowerment of Kishore Balika, 24-1-2005
  4. Open Forum on Violence against women, 29-9-2005
  5. Workshop on Legal Rights to PLAHA, 18-12-2005
  6. Workshop on Counselling women and protection to women from violence, 19-12-2005
  7. National Workshop on Gender Perspective in Psychology, 6-10th, Nov, 2006
  8. Workshop on Protection of women from domestic violence Act 2005, 25-11-2006
  9. Awareness programme on Empowerment of Women in Local self Govt, ZPTCs/MPPs, 8-12-2006
13 Prof. V Shobha 2001-2004
  1. Workshop in Women in changing Society and jobs,2000
  2. Symposium on Gender Sensitisation for students on the campus, 9-11-2000
  3. International Women's day, 8-3-2001
  4. Gender Senisitisation for rural women,15-3-2001
  5. Jail Adalat for Women Prisoners, 15-9-2001
  6. Workshop on Women Empowerment, 24-2-2001
  7. Symposium on Women Empowerment through education: Experiences of rural women, 23, march 2001
  8. Workshop on Role of Voluntary organsiations in the development of rural women, 28-2002-2002
  9. Project on Women Prisoners in Warangal Central Jail, 2001
  10. 2-day National Seminar on "Recent trends and the role of women in Sericulture, 25-26, Feb, 2002
  11. Project on Scheduled caste Women in Tannery Industries , October, 2002
  12. Meeting on US War on Iraq-aftermath Consequence, 17-4-2003
  13. Symposium on Violence against women, 29-11-2003
  14. 2-day National Seminar on "Sustainable Development - Women's participation", 10-11 Jan, 2003
  15. Symposium on Sexual Harassment on women employees at workplace, 9-11-2004
  16. Symposium on White Ribbon day, 25-11-2004
  17. Project on Self help groups, 2004
  18. Projects on Conditions of Muslim women
  19. Project on Living models of women in various professions
  20. Workshop on Women ZPTC/MPPs and MPTCs at district level