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About the Department:

Sericulture is a farm based labour intensive, economic enterprise with short gestation period, low investment, periodical income (once in 2 months) ensuring better employment (self employment) opportunities for rural mass including elderly and handicapped family members is being adapted by Warangal farmers as a substitute to the traditional dry crop. It is gaining popularity in Telangana state which had bagged an award for bivoltine silkworm cultivation and also for solving pressing problems like employment, rural migration and poverty.

PG Diploma in Sericulture (one year course) is being run in University College, Kakatiya University, with its humble beginning in the year 1990-91 at the Arts and Science College, Subedari which was later transferred to University College, Kakatiya University to cater to the needs, fullfill the aspirations, empower the rural based students, impart sericulture knowledge and enhance skills to people of this region. Kakatiya University is the only University offering and running the course successfully in Telangana for the past years and is functioning independently ever since the beginning with separate budget, almanac and Board of studies etc.

The course is maintaining a rich diversified collection of 14 mulberry varieties and 2 non mulberry varieties in an area extending up to 2.5 acre with a separate rearing cum grainage block as per CSB plan constructed under TRYSEM scheme.

It’s a two semester course with choice based credit system. The curriculum comprises moriculture, rearing, reeling, grainage, non mulberry production and crop protection with practical training in the related papers. The admission is by selection through entrance exam on par with other PG courses in the University and for the present the intake is 12 students.

It comprises two permanent faculty members and a part timer headed by Incharge (assisted by two non teaching personnels) who not only impart knowledge but also practical skills in all sericulture activities. Intensive research is being carried out on all aspects of sericulture, with emphasis on phyto-chemistry, pathology and cocoon production (mulberry and non mulberry) with a view to increase the productivity with optimization of the input costs. The department has been in receipt of funds from various funding agencies like CSIR, UGC and Telangana government. Emphasis has also given to revise the syllabus at both UG and PG levels by incorporating the latest developments.

Career Opportunities

Sericulture being a vocational course has immense potential for self employment and a good number of students have also settled as teachers, entrepreneur at different levels.


B.Sc degree with Zoology as one of the subject. Through the course, we are also addressing the issues of sericulture, generating suitable human resources, developing technologies, forming a inter link between academicians, administrators, students, scientists and farmers to discuss the field related problems and solutions for raising production and silk productivities

Name of the University KAKATIYA UNIVERSITY
Name of the Unit Sericulture Unit
Name of the Department ZOOLOGY
Year of establishment 1991
City Warangal
Phone: 0870-2461430
Pincode 506009
Names of programmes offered PGDS and Ph.D.
Examination System Choice Based CreditSystem
Semester /Annual
Semester-wise InternalAssessment
Number of teaching posts sanctioned by UGC
Designation Sanctioned
Professor 0
Associate Professors 0
Asst. Professors 02
Total 02

The following is the succession of In-charge, Sericulture Unit, Department of Zoology.

Sl. No Name Year
1 Prof. A. Purushotham Rao 1990-2005
2 Prof. Ch. Sammaiah 2005-2007
3 Dr. N. Janaki Rama Rao 2007-2008
4 Prof. N. Vijaya Kumar 2008-2010
5 Prof. Y. Prameela Devi 2010-2012
6 Prof. M. Krishna Reddy 2012-2014
7 Prof. M. Swamy 2014-2014
8 Prof. T. Ravinder Reddy 2014-2016
9 Prof. G. Benerjee 2016-2016
10 Dr. G. Shamitha 2016-2017
11 Dr.E.Narayana 2017-2019
12 Dr. Y. Venkanna 2019-2021
13 Dr. M. Estari 2021-


The following is the succession of Chairperson, BOS, Sericulture Unit, Department of Zoology.

Sl. No Name Year
1 Prof. A. Purushotham Rao 1990-2005
2 Prof. N. Vijaya Kumar 2006-2008
3 Prof Ch. Sammaiah 2008-2010
4 Prof. M. Krishna Reddy 2010-2012
5 Prof. M. Swamy 2012-2014
6 Prof. Y. Prameela 2014-2016
7 Prof. T. Ravinder Reddy 2016-2018
8 Dr. G. Shamitha 2018-2020
9 Dr. Kuntamalla Sujatha 2020-