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General Administration 1. Vice Chancellor, vc@kakatiya.ac.in / kuvcpeshi@yahoo.co.in
2. Registrar, KU, 0870-2438866, registrarkuc@gmail.com / registrar@kakatiya.ac.in
3. Joint Registrar, Academic,0870-2439077
4. AR Adminstration (Teaching),0870-2461402,2438181
5. AR Adminstration (Non Teaching)0870-2461403
Dean, College Development Cell Phone # 0870-2461443, 2438998
EXAMINATIONS 0870-2461412,2461410,2439666,2453544
Admissions Director, PG Admissions
Phone # 0870-2461467, 2438855
Academic matters of Departments Deans, Heads and Chairpersons of Boards of studies of the respective faculties and departments
Admissions to Foreign Nationals Director, Foreign Relations Office, KU
Phone # 2439751: cfrac@kakatiya.ac.in
Students facilities, grievances, etc. Director, Students Welfare Center
Phone # 2439243: director.wsc@kakatiya.ac.in
Hostel Facilities Director of Hostels, KU
Phone # 2438600
Library Facilities Member-In-Charge, University Library-I, KU
Phone # 2439099: incharge.library@kakatiya.ac.in
Campus Placements Placement Officer, KU
Phone # 2461473: director.placement@kakatiya.ac.in
Games and Sports Secretary Sports Board, KU
Phone # 2438945: director.sports@kakatiya.ac.in
Distance Education  Director, SDLCE, KU: sdlce@kakatiya.ac.in
  Phone # 0870-2438022, 2432911, 2461488, 2446377
NSS Activities Co-ordinator, NSS, KU
Phone # 2438024: po.nss@kakatiya.ac.in
Application Forms and Challans Director, Publication Cell
Phone # 2453655: director.publications@kakatiya.ac.in
Press Information Public Relations Officer, KU
Phone # 2461459: pro@kakatiya.ac.in
Facilities for SC/ST Students Director, SC/ST Cell, KU
Phone # 2438004: director.scstcell@kakatiya.ac.in
Coaching for Competitive Exams Director, Kakatiya Adhyayana Kendram, KU
Phone # 2438026: director.kak@kakatiya.ac.in
Research Awards, Facilities Co-ordinating Officer, UGC Unit, KU
Phone # 2453533: co.ugcunit@kakatiya.ac.in
Campus Security Security Officer
Phone # 2438002
University Telephones Incharge, Telephones, KU
Phone # 2438012: incharge.telephones@kakatiya.ac.in
Yoga Training Co-ordinator, Yoga Center, KU
Phone # 2461437
Banking Services Manager, SBH, KU Branch
Phone # 2438549: sbh@kakatiya.ac.in
Postal Services Post Master, Vidyaranyapuri
Phone # 2438608
Assistance of the Police SI, KU Police Station
Phone # 2439333
Controller of Examinations Phone # 2438822 controller.exams@kakatiya.ac.in
Additional Controller of Examinations (Under-Graduation.)
Phone # 2439666: acoe.ug@kakatiya.ac.in
Additional Controller of Examinations (Post-Graduation.)
Phone # 2453544 acoe.pg@kakatiya.ac.in
Additional Controller of Examinations (Distance Edu) Phone # 2438599: acoe.conf@kakatiya.ac.in
Health Services Medical Officer, KU
Phone # 2461444
Avenue Plantation Horticulturist
Phone # 2438238
Recognition & Affiliation of Colleges Dean CDC, KU
Phone # 2438998: dean.cdc@kakatiya.ac.in
Academic Audit Dean, AAC, KU
Phone # 2446133: dean.aac@kakatiya.ac.in
Web Site, E-mail & Internet Services Director, Campus Networking & University Website
webmaster@kakatiya.ac.in or kuwebmaster1@gmail.com
Women Empowerment
Women's Studies Centre
Director, Women's Studies Centre, KU
Phone # 2453656: director.wsc@kakatiya.ac.in
TSICET Phone # 0870- 2438088
TSLAWCET Phone # 0870-2425595
KUPGCET Phone # 0870-2461467, 243885

Official E-mail IDs of the officers and administrators of the University

The following official e-mail IDs are created for the use of University officials and administrators. They are requested to contact the web master webmaster@kakatiya.ac.in : for setting up the passwords and activating the mail accounts.

The official mail IDs for individual teachers and other staff will be issued if they need. They are requested to send a mail to the webmaster@kakatiya.ac.in .

Web Master

acoe.conf@kakatiya.ac.in Additional Controller of Examinations(Confidential)
acoe.pg@kakatiya.ac.in Additional Controller of Examinations(P.G.)
acoe.ug@kakatiya.ac.in Additional Controller of Examinations(U.G.)
ar.academic@kakatiya.ac.in Assistant Registrar (Academic)
ar.admin_nt@kakatiya.ac.in Assistant Registrar (Administration-NT)
ar.admin_teaching@kakatiya.ac.in Assistant Registrar (Administration-Teaching)
bos.biochem@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Bio Chemistry
bos.biotech@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Biotechnology
bos.botany@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Botany
bos.chemistry@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Chemistry
bos.commerce@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Commerce & BM
bos.economics@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Economics
bos.english@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, English
bos.geology@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Geology
bos.history@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, History
bos.informatics@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Informatics
bos.law@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Law
bos.mathematics@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Mathematics
bos.microbiology@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Microbiology
bos.pharmacy@kakatiya.ac.in Charperson, Board of Studies, Pharmacy
bos.physics@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Physics
bos.polscience@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Political Science
bos.publicadmin@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Public Administration
bos.sanskrit@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Sanskrit
bos.sociology@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Sociology
bos.telugu@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Telugu
bos.zoology@kakatiya.ac.in Chairperson, Board of Studies, Zoology
co.ugcunit@kakatiya.ac.in Coordinating Officer, UGC Unit
controller.exams@kakatiya.ac.in Controller of Examinations
dean.aac@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, Academic and Audit Cell
dean.arts@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, Faculty of Arts
dean.cdc@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, College Development Council
dean.commerce@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Business Mngmnt
dean.education@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, Faculty of Education
dean.engg@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, Faculty of Engineering
dean.law@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, Faculty of Law
dean.pharmacy@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy
dean.science@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, Faculty of Science
dean.ss@kakatiya.ac.in Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
development.officer@kakatiya.ac.in Development Officer
director.cc@kakatiya.ac.in Director, Computer Centre
director.hostels@kakatiya.ac.in Director,Hostels
director.kak@kakatiya.ac.in Director, Kakatiya Adhyayana Kendram
director.pgadmissions@kakatiya.ac.in Director, PG Admissions
director.placement@kakatiya.ac.in Director, Placement Cell
director.publications@kakatiya.ac.in Director, Publication Cell
director.scstcell@kakatiya.ac.in Director, SC, ST Cell
director.sdlce@kakatiya.ac.in Director, School of Distance Learning & Continuing Education
director.sfc@kakatiya.ac.in Director, Self Finance Courses, PG Centres
director.sports@kakatiya.ac.in Director, Physical Education, Univ. Sports Board
director.swc@kakatiya.ac.in Director, Student Welfare Centre
director.womens_studies@kakatiya.ac.in Director, Womens Studies Centre