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S.No Awardee Name Thesis Topic Supervisor Name Date of Registration Date of Award
1 Madikonda Sreenu Organizationi and Working of Indiramma Housing Scheme in Andhra Pradeshq Dr P Srinivasa Rao 21-11-2022
2 A Soma Narsaiah Solid Waste Management in Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation A Study Prof. P. Narasimha Rao 19-10-2022
3 M Srishailam Impact of Training and Development Programmes on Indian Railways A Case Study Prof. P. Narasimha Rao 22-09-2022
4 G Ugender Buyer-Seller Relationships and Agricultural Marketing Strategies - with Special Reference of Agricultural market in Telangana State PROF T YADAGIRI RAO 28-12-2021
5 T Kumara Swamy Administrative Challenges and Opportunities in Urban Health A Study of Warangal Urban District Prof. T. Yadagiri Rao 20-12-2021
6 G Kranthi Kumar Administration of Primary Education in Telangana State A Study of Warangal District Dr P Srinivasa Rao 20-12-2021
7 S Venkateshwarlu Research Trends in the Discipline of Public Administration A Study on Ph.D Dissertations Kakatiya University Prof G. Rameshwaram 08-12-2021
8 K Rama Devi Organisation and Working of Kasthuribha Schools in Andhra Pradesh A Study PROF T YADAGIRI RAO 09-11-2021
9 M Swarnalatha Stress among women employees in Railways A Study of South Central Railway Secunderabad Division Prof. P. Manohar Rao 08-11-2021
10 G Rajanna Strategic Human Resource Management Practices in Public Sector Banks A Case Study in Warangal District Prof G. Rameshwaram 29-10-2021
11 K Jagan Mohan Tribal Health Care Programmes and Functioning of the Primary Health Centres in Tribal Area's A Study Dr T.V. Sujatha Kumari 14-10-2021
12 A Raavalee Development and Displacement with Special REference to Opencast Mining in Telangana Prof. T. Yadagiri Rao 13-10-2021
13 T Srikanth Reddy Implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme for Physically Challenged Persons in Telangana Sate A Case Study of Khammam District Prof. P. Srinivasa Rao 23-09-2021
14 E. Ankoos Public Private Partnership in Health Administration A Study on Arogyasri in Telangana Prof P Srinivasa Rao 21-09-2021
15 M Anjaiah Socio-Economic Conditions of Weavers A Study in Warangal District Prof. V. Shoba 16-08-2021
16 K Saritha Micro finance and emplowement of rural women- Case Study in Warangal Disrtrict Prof. T. Yadagiri Rao 16-12-2020
17 Bhukya Lingam Status of Tribal Health in Telangana - A Study on Working of Primary Health Centers PROF T YADAGIRI RAO 26-11-2020
18 K Sushmitha Performance Appraisal of Executives in National Thermal Power Corporation NTPC Limited in Ramagundam A Study Prof. T. Yadagiri Rao 13-11-2020
19 A Rajender Naik Human Resource Development Practices in Indian Power Sector A Case Study of Telangana State Power Generation Corporation Limited Prof G. Rameshwaram 28-10-2020
20 M Sudhakar Health Care Programme in Telangana With Special Reference to KCT KIT a Study PROF T YADAGIRI RAO 22-10-2020
21 M Arun Human Resource Development Climate An ASSET for Effective Organizational Functioning in Bhara Heravy Electrical Limited Hyderabad Dr G Pani 19-10-2020
22 R Shoba Rani Women Policing A Study of Women Police Station with Special Reference to Telangana State Prof G. Sudhakar 14-10-2020
23 N Anitha Corporation Social Responsibility of Singareni Collieries Company Limited Kothagudem A Study Prof. T. Yadagiri Rao 08-10-2020
24 B Mamatha Implementation of Employee Welfare Programmes for Women with Reference to Telangana State Road Transport Corporation A Study Dr T.V. Sujatha Kumari 05-10-2020
25 T Pream Sunder Quality of work life among the bank Employees A Comparative Study of Public and Private sector Banks in Warangal District Telangana Prof. P. Srinivasa Rao 23-09-2020
26 B Sunil Kumar Work-Life Balance of Women Employees in IT Sector A Study of Select Companies in Hyderabad Prof. T. Yadagiri Rao 18-09-2020
27 G Koteshwar Backward Classes Welfare Development A Study on Functioning of BC Finance Corpiration Prof G. Sudhakar 23-07-2020
28 Ch Sandhya Women Work and Work Life Balance in Select Pharma Companies A Study Prof. T. Yadagiri Rao 24-12-2019
29 KD Swarnaraj Performance Appraisal of Employees in Indian Railways A Study of South Central Railway Dr P Srinivasa Rao 20-11-2019
30 Ch. Kavitha The Implementation of Domestic Violence Act-2005 in Andhra Pradesh A Study Prof. P. Sambaiah 13-11-2019
31 Sutraj Anil Implementation of Social Security Measures Abf Labour Welfare Programmes Study (With Special Reference to Singareni Colleries Company Limited in Telangana State Prof. K Seetharam Rao 19-09-2019
Last Five Years Awardees
32 Saritha Mididoddi Women in Banking Sector A Study of STate Bank of Hyderabad Employees in Telangana State Prof. T Satyanarayana 23-11-2018
33 B Sucharitha Paul Training and Development at Kesoram Cement plant Basanthanagarq Dr. T.V. Sujatha Kumari 29-10-2018
34 Ch. Lavanya Organization and Working of Mahamathma GAndhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme in Andhra Pradesh - A Study Prof. P. Manohar Rao 16-10-2018
35 M. Srinivasalu Administration Welfare Programmes - A Study on Working of BC,SC & ST Welfare Hostels in Warangal District 2008-2013 Dr P Srinivasa Rao 20-09-2018
36 Vangala Sudhakar Women's Partcipation of MGNREGA work in Telangana State A Study of Warangal Prof. T. Yadagiri Rao 19-09-2018
37 Swarnalatha Pinnoju Impact of Performance Appraisal System A Study on Tsgenco Chelpur Bhupalpalli Warangal Prof. P. Narasimha Rao 07-09-2018
38 S Spandana Women Executives in Indian Administration Selected Case Studies in Andhra Pradesh Dr P Srinivasa Rao 23-08-2018
39 Prathap Kasthala Compensation Management in Retail Industry A Study Prof. P. Narasimha Rao 22-12-2017
40 Oddepally Mohan Human Resource Development Practices and Firm Performance At NPDCL A Study of North Telangana Region Prof. T. Yadagiri Rao 23-11-2017
41 G. Ramaiah Disaster Management in India A Case study of Andhra Pradesh Prof. P. Narasimha Rao 22-11-2017
42 Ravi Kaka Forest Administration in Agency Area A Study of Warangal District Prof. K. Chokkaiah 15-11-2017
43 N Srinivas Tribal Girls Education in Telangana Region A Study Prof. P. Narendra Babu 14-11-2017
44 E Ratnakar Administration of Tribal Sub-Plan in Andhra Pradesh A Comparative Study Prof. K. Chokkaiah 17-10-2017
45 G Rajini Kumari Organisation and Performance of the Health Administration in Tribal Area ITD a Bhadrachalam Khammam A Study Prof. K. Chokkaiah 30-08-2017
46 M Janaki Working of Tribal Women Sarpanches in Warangal District A Study Prof. K. Chokkaiah 19-07-2017
47 S Nararaju Tribal Perceptions on Agricultural Development Programmes in Agency Area - A Study of Adailabad District Prof. K. Chokkaiah 18-01-2017
48 N. Bharath Kumar Administration of the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy in andhara pradesh - A Study of Mining Project in Warangal Disrtrict Prof K. Chokkaiah 14-12-2016
49 Prasad Alka Quality of Work Life of Emloyees Insouth Central Railway Secunderabad Division Prof. M Vidyasagar Reddy 24-11-2016
50 Wahed Mohiuddin Training and Development A Study in Morthern Power Distribution Company of Telangana Limited Prof G Rameshwaram (Rtd) 16-11-2016
51 P Narasingam Implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Tribal Areas of Karimnagar District in Telangana Prof. Banda Prakabhakar Rao 21-10-2016
52 Tunguturi Srinivas Working Unsual Hours and Its Impact on Health Of Loco Pilots and station Masters A Study of South Central Railway Prof. M Vidyasagar Reddy 17-10-2016
53 Burri Umashankar Human Resource Development Practices A Study of NTPC Ramagundam Prof. Banda Prakabhakar Rao 22-09-2016
54 Saarla Ramesh Executive Development Programmes in Singareni Collieries Company Ltd A Study of Transfer of Training PROF T YADAGIRI RAO 14-09-2016
55 B Radha Devi The status of women in Un-Organized sector - A Study of Servant Maids in Warangal District Dr T.V. Sujatha Kumari 05-09-2016
56 Babu Tejavath Employee Engagment a Study of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited Ramagundam Prof G Rameshwaram 17-08-2016
57 R Srinivas Organization and working of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme - A Study Dr. T.V. Sujatha Kumari 20-07-2016
58 M Purnachander Administration of Rural Indistries - Study on Beedi Industry (With Special REference to Government Policy and labour Conditions Prof. T. Satyanarayana 19-05-2016
59 K Krishna Rao Organisation and working of social welfare hostels in the Karimnagar District A Study Prof. K. Chokkaiah 13-04-2016
60 Sardhar Mohd Administration of ITDA with special reference to Tribal welfare programmes - A Study of Bhadrachalam Agency area in Khammam District Prof. P. Manohar Rao 11-02-2016
61 K.Anil Kumar Prof.M.Vidyasagar Reddy 23-12-2015
62 Vinoda Sudamalla Prof.T.Satyanarayana 26-11-2015
63 Vasu Kethi Reddy Prof.P.Sambaiah (Retd) 26-08-2015
64 Srinivas Yadav Dadaboina Prof.G.Rameshwaram 17-08-2015
65 Sunitha Gangarapu Prof.Ch.Bala Ramulu (Retd) 24-07-2015
66 Kunamalla Ajay Kumar Prof.G.Sreenivas Reddy 10-07-2015
67 Jabez R Prof.V.Shobha (Retd) 17-06-2015
68 Mr.Nageswara Rao Aderla Prof.T.Satyanarayana 05-10-2014
69 Mr.Kasidi Shyam Sundar Reddy Prof.T.Yadagiri Rao, 05-07-2014
70 Mr.J.L.Arpan Kumar Prof.Ch.Bala Ramulu, (Retd) ( 05-07-2014
71 Mr.Veera Swamy M Prof.P.Manohar Rao, SDLCE, KU 04-07-2014
72 Mrs.Venumadhavi Challa Prof.P.Narendra Babu, 21-06-2014
73 Mr.Palku Dharavath Prof.G.Rameshwaram 28-03-2014
74 Mrs.Kavitha M Prof.G.Ram Reddy, (Retd) 15-02-2014
75 Bandari Naveen Kumar Prof.R.Saibaba 29-10-2013
76 Chandu Ganarathi Prof.P.Narasimha Rao 26-10-2013
77 Akoju Poorna Chander Rao Prof.T.Satyanarayana 27-08-2013
78 B.Srinivas Nayak, Prof.P.Narendra Babu 01-07-2013
79 D.Ravinder Dr.T.V.Sujatha Kumari 24-04-2013
80 Vasukula Satyamma Prof.P.Manohar Rao 13-04-2013
81 Sadanandam Mundrathi Prof.K.Seetharama Rao 15-03-2013
82 Satyanarayana Mabbu Prof.P.Manohar Rao, Dept.of Pub.Admn.& HRM (SDLCE),KU & 09-02-2013
83 Velde Nagaraju, Prof.M.Vidyasagar Reddy 02-02-2013
84 Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao, Prof.M.Vidyasagar Reddy 02-02-2013
85 Komraiah.P, Prof.P.Narendra Babu 22-01-2013
86 R.Narsaiah Prof.G.Rameshwaram 06-01-2013
87 P.Jagan, Prof.P.Manohar Rao Professor of Public Administration, S.D.L.C.E., Kakatiya University 24-12-2012
88 K.Rajender Reddy Prof.G.Rameshwaram 06-12-2012
89 P.Yellaiah, Prof.P.Narasimha Rao 17-11-2012
90 Venu Madhav Peddapati Prof.P.Narasimha Rao 12-11-2012
91 Ramakrishna Reddy.D Prof.K.Seetha Rama Rao 10-10-2012
92 S.Krishna, Prof.P.Narasimha Rao 10-10-2012
93 M.Venkat Narayana Prof.G.Rameshwaram 16-06-2012
94 Devarakonda Ileshwar Prof.G.Rameshwaram 11-02-2012
95 Manoharaswamy Thirunagari Prof.T.Satyanarayana 07-11-2011
96 Yaka Swamy Pasula Prof.G.Rameshwaram 04-11-2011
97 Vijayamohan.B Prof.K.Seetharama Rao 05-07-2011
98 G.Jalpath Reddy Dr.P.Narasimha Rao 05-08-2010
99 Ch.Srinu Prof.K.Seetharama Rao 07-07-2010
100 Pulla Srinivas Prof.P.Sambaiah 20-05-2010
101 Mattewada Chandrakala Prof.B.Prabhakar Rao 17-05-2010
102 G.N.Phani Kumar Prof.M.Kistaiah (Retd.) 15-05-2010
103 Srinivas Bandi Prof.P.Sambaiah 01-04-2010
104 A.Kishore Kumar Prof.G.Sreenivas Reddy 01-03-2010
105 Kokkonda Srinivasa Rao Prof.G.Sreenivas Reddy 01-11-2009
106 Shaffioddin Mohmmad Prof.K.Murali Manohar 01-10-2009
107 D.Suresh Dr.P.Narasimha Rao 01-08-2009
108 Mohd.Masliuddin Dr.M.Vidyasagar Reddy 01-05-2009
109 K.Yesudasu Dr.G.Rameshwaram 01-04-2009
110 K.Venkata Rama Lakshmi Prof.G.Srinivas Reddy 01-02-2009
111 Y.Bhaskar Rao Prof.K.Seetarama Rao 01-10-2008
112 S.Devendra Chary Dr.P.Narasimha Rao 01-07-2008
113 B.Satya Rajulu Dr.G.Rameshwaram 01-07-2008
114 K.Srinivasa Raju Prof.V.Shobha 01-07-2008
115 P.Sambaiah Prof.Ch.Bala Ramulu 01-11-2007
116 K.Chokkaiah Prof.K.Murali Manohar 01-10-2007
117 S.Rajanna Dr.G.Rameshwaram 01-06-2007
118 P.Srinivasa Rao Prof.V.Shobha 01-07-2006
119 S.Bikshapathi Prof.K.Murali Manohar 01-05-2005
120 A.Vijaya Kumar Prof.V.Bhaskara Rao (Rtd.) 01-03-2004
121 S.Malleshwar Prof.K.Murali Manohar 01-06-2003
122 K.Suresh Prof.Ch.Bala Ramulu 01-12-2002
123 P.Subhash Prof.B.Janardhan Rao 23-08-2001
124 M.Vinoda Prof.K.Murali Manohar 03-08-2000
125 K.Seetha Rama Rao Prof.K.Murali Manohar 01-11-1999
126 Mrs.D.Anuradha Prof.M.Kistaiah (Retd) 16-09-1999
127 Aakuthota Srinivasulu Prof.Ch.Bala Ramulu, UPGC, Nirmal 11-05-1999
128 Bhoopally Allen John Prof.K.Murali Manohar 19-04-1999
129 M.Nishi Rebeca Dr.V.Shobha 17-04-1999
130 S.Raja Mohan Prof.G.Sreenivas Reddy 23-12-1998
131 G.Pani Prof.A.Amruth Rao 01-05-1998
132 P.Janardhan Dr.V.Shobha 12-01-1998
133 Katakam Bhavani Prof.K.Murali Manohar 08-11-1997
134 Mr.B.Srinivasa Reddy Dr.B.Janardhan Rao 10-06-1997
135 B.Prakash Dr.K.Murali Manohar, Dr.BRAOU, HYD 19-04-1996
136 K.Daniel Vijayananda Kumar Prof.A.Amruth Rao 07-08-1994
137 M.Vidya Sagar Reddy Prof.V.Bhaskara Rao 27-06-1994
138 T.V.Sujatha Kumari Prof.V.Bhaskar Rao 25-06-1994
139 Ch.Rajanna Prof.G.Srinivas Reddy 20-06-1994
140 T.Guru Brahmam Prof.A.Amruth Rao 20-03-1993
141 T.Yadagiri Rao Dr.B.Janardhan Rao 30-12-1992
142 M.Ramulu Dr.Ch.Balaramulu 28-10-1992
143 G.Sudhakar Prof.K.Murali Manohar 21-07-1992
144 K.Devamanikyam Prof.A.Amruth Rao 29-06-1992
145 P.Narasimha Rao Dr.Ch.Balaramulu 01-04-1991
146 P.Narendra Babu Dr.K.Murali Manohar 19-06-1990
147 D.Devavrath Dr.K.Murali Manohar 10-04-1990
148 T.Satyanarayana Dr.G.Sreenivas Reddy 30-01-1990
149 G.Venkat Reddy Prof.V.Bhaskara Rao 25-11-1989
150 P.Manohar Rao Dr.K.Murali Manohar 05-05-1989
151 G.Rameshwaram Dr.A.Amruth Rao 17-10-1988
152 K.Mohan Rao Dr.A.Amruth Rao 11-07-1988
153 G.Vidya Rani Dr.K.Murali Manohar 16-10-1987
154 A.Bobbili Prof.V.Bhaskar Rao, Dept of Public Administration 15-04-1987
155 R.Ram Reddy Dr.K.Murali Manohar 30-06-1986
156 P.Pramila Dr.A.Amruth Rao 06-11-1985
157 B.Prabhakar Rao Prof.V.Bhaskar Rao 11-07-1985
158 B.Janardhan Rao Dr.K.Murali Manohar 28-06-1985
159 G.Sudarshanam Prof.G.Haragopal, Osmania Observatory Campus, HYD 06-05-1985
160 V.Shobha Dr.K.Murali Manohar, University Evening College, 12-04-1985
161 K.L.Anantha Rao Prof.G.Haragopal, Nizamia Observatory Camps, HYD 25-01-1985
162 C.Madan Mohan Prof.V.Bhaskara Rao 24-01-1985
163 T.Yogender Prof.V.Bhaskar Rao 17-08-1984
164 T.Narasimha Rao Dr.V.Bhaskar Rao 02-08-1983
165 A.Venkatadri Late Prof.P.A.James 09-01-1983
166 L.S.Madhava Rao Prof.P.A.James 08-11-1982
167 Ch.Bala Ramulu Dr.G.Haragopal,OU, HYD 29-06-1981
168 V.Jayashree Prof.P.A.James 29-06-1981
169 K.Murali Manohar Prof.P.A.James 16-05-1979
170 A.Amrutha Rao Prof.P.A.James 29-04-1978
171 G.Haragopal Prof.P.A.James 18-04-1978