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The UGC Unit was established in the University with statutory powers in 1981 to coordinate various funding agencies including premier funding agency, University Grants Commission, New Delhi.   Apart from coordination, it prepares and submits various proposals including successive plan proposals to the UGC, New Delhi, in an effective manner, seeking sanction and release of grants to the University. 

The Unit also forwards the research proposals submitted by the faculty of the University to various funding agencies and actively pursues the sanction and release of necessary grants for the implementation of the research schemes by the faculty of the university. The Unit gets the Utilization Certificate and Statement of Expenditure of all the schemes, projects, etc. duly audited by the Auditor, State Audit after getting them verified at the Audit Wing of the UGC Unit and forwards the same to the funding agencies concerned, seeking release of further grants for the successful and timely completion of the schemes, projects, etc.
Coordinating Officer UGC Unit
Prof .M. Sarangapani
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Prof .M. Sarangapani
Univ.College of Pharmaceutical Science.
Kakatiya University, Warangal-506 009
Email: ugckuc@kakatiya.ac.in
Mobile - 9246896242