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EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE IN THE DEPARTMENT Micro Centrifuge 16000 rpm with rotor heads and accessories Water Bath Thermostatic Photoelectric Colorimeter Medical Microscope Binocular Microscope with Camera adapter and all accessories Digital pH Meter Distillation Unit with Power supply Stereo Binocular Microscope Dissection Microscope Cyclo Mixer Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate Student Plankton Nets UV Transilluminator Gel doc light Plankton counting chamber Micropippette kit Tulgreen Funnels Water Quality Analizer Microcentrifuge Spectrophotometer Flame Photometer Microtone UV Spectrophotometer Hot over (70o c) Refreeze Rotator Dry bath Weighing Machine HPLC Co2 incubator Hot air oven Elisa reader and washer Laminar air flow unit Inverted microscope Vertex mixer Calorimeter Liofilizer Digibalance Centrifuge Microscope UV-Chamber Spectroscopy Freezer Centrifuge with rotor Rotamantle 1 lit capacity Spectrophotometer UV visible Kettle elements for oven Kettle elements for incubator Thermostat Regulator Mini Rotary Shalcon Micro Centrifuge Micro pipettes Magnetic Stirrer Combined Electrode for Ph Meter Binocular Microscope Stereo Binocular Microscope UV, Transilluminator Digital Photo electric Calorimeter Cyclo Mixer Micro Centrifuge with Speed regulator Micro Pipette GLP Kit Borosilicate Boiler Condenser Dissection Microscope Medical Microscope Student Plankton Plankton Counting Chamber Digital pH Meter with electrode Water bath Digital Electronic Balance Thermal Cycler – PCR Gel Documentation System Vortex Deep Freezer -80oc, -20oc Refrigerator Autoclave Electrophoresis Units (Horizontal & Vertical) Incubator Shaker Microwave Cool Centrifuge Microscope Cyclomixture pH meter Cifizon Balance Remi Centrifuge Air Pollution Western Blot Unit