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Academic Activities:

The Department has also shown its organizational skills by hosting the prestigious Indian History Congress in 1993, Andhra Pradesh History Congress in 1990, South Indian History Congress in 2000, and also a two-week workshop on Indian National Movement in 1992 sponsored by I.C.H.R. Besides organizing these conferences, the Department has also organized more than 25 seminars of National and regional level sponsored by various funding agencies like UGC, ICHR and ICSSR. One day Interdisciplinary Lecture on “Beat generation writers and America in the 50’s” by Professor Barry Richard Burg, (U.S.A.) Director, American Studies Research Centre, Hyderabad, Organized by the Department of History, in collaboration with English Department on the occasion of the Vicennial Celebrations of Kakatiya University, under the U.G.C. Scheme of “Forum for Interdisciplinary Activities” on 18th October 1996. The staff members are also active in the executive bodies of various professional organizations like Indian History Congress, South Indian History Congress, Andhra Pradesh History Congress, Indian Institute of Public Administration, Indian National Trust for Art and Culture, Indian Council for Social Science Research, Indian Science Congress, Indian Council for Historical Research.

                Prof. Y. Sudershan Rao was nominated as a Member of Indian Council for Historical Research in 2002 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India,    New Delhi, for a period of three years.    Prof. Y. Sudershan Rao visited Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in 2000 for cultural study.   He chaired a number of prestigious academic Conferences and Seminars.  The faculties have been regularly attending the Seminars/Conferences/Workshops held in other Universities with their research scholars, presenting papers and participating in the deliberations. Thus, the Department has so far built up a respectable image in the academic circles. 

                Prof. S. Nagabhushan Rao, received Best Teacher Award from the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the year 1986-87, Prof. Y. Sudershan Rao is awarded National Fellowship by the University Grants Commission during the years 1993-95 Prof. S. Nagabhushan Rao visited Germany in 1986 (6 months period on foreign teaching assignment) and again visited Germany in 1988 under Cultural Exchange Programme for 3 months and  Dr. G. Bhadru Naik is awarded Mahatma Jothirao Phule National Award by Dalit Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, 2001.

                Prof. A. Bobbili attended the International Economic History Conference held in Belgium in 1991. He served Indian History Congress as Joint Secretary. He has chaired Social History section of South Indian History Congress at Trichy in 2004 and at present he is the General Secretary of A.P History Congress.

                Prof P. Hymavathi is a well known Historian in South India, she has contributed nearly Twenty Research articles during 2003-2009 on various aspects of history and Culture of Medieval Andhradesa.  She has also published a book entitled Kakatiya Vybhava Thoranalu.  In addition to her earlier works, she has also under taken a minor Research project on, Agro-based Industries and Technological Development in Medieval Andhradesa (UGC).  She has successfully guided 13 M.Phil and 9 Ph.D’s during the 2003-2009.  She has also chaired Cultural History session of South Indian History Congress in 2004 at Thiruchurapalli. She attended an International conference organized by the Association of Third World Studies. South Asia Chapter, UNO, held at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in 1999. She served as Chairperson Board of Studies, department of History and Tourism Management, during 2006-2008.  She has also delivered popular talks in All India Radio, Warangal and several T.V. Channels on Regional History and Culture.

                Prof. Syed Ayub Ali has chaired the Economic History section of South Indian History Congress, at Trivandrum, (2001) and presided over many seminars. He is elected as Joint Secretary and Vice-President of SIHC and has long association with it as Executive Member. He is attended the XX Conference of the International Association of Historians of Asia (IAHA) at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on 14-17 November 2008.  He contributed nearly 6 Articles during 2003-2009, on Deccan History and Culture.  He was awarded Shiksha Rathan and Best Citizen award in 2008-2009.  He has successfully guided 8 M.Phils and 3 Ph.D’s during 2003-2009.  He is a member of the Board of Studies in Dravidian University, Kuppam and Moulana Azad University, Hyderabad.  He is a member of the advisory committee of the South Indian History Congress.  He has successfully served as the Development Officer, Kakatiya University, Warangal in 2003-2007.

                Prof. S. Srinath contributed 4 Articles during 2003-2009, and also Authored a book entitled Discover Warangal in 2006, and edited Kakatiya Journal of Historical Studies (Vol-1, May, 2006 brought out by the department.  He has guided 4 M.Phils during the period.  He has conducted two national Seminars during his tenure. He has Head of the Department of History, during 2004-2006.  At present he is the Chairmen of Board of Studies of the department.


                Dr. G. Badhru Naik contributed 12 articles during 2003-2009 and edited 7 books in the field of Dalith Literature and History Culture of India.  He has guided 10 M. Phils and 3 Ph.D’s during 2003-2009.  He has conducted 4 national Seminars sponsored by UGC.  He is a member of prevention of atrocities on SC/ST’s committee of Warangal District.  He served as Head department of History, Director of the University Hostels and Correctly serving as Director of Ambedkar Study Centre, Kakatiya University, Warangal.

                Dr. K. Vijaya Babu contributed 16 articles during 2003-2009 with one international publication, and edited two volumes of Kakatiya Journal of Historical Studies, (Vol-2, 2007 and Vol-3, 2008).  He has also edited a book on Cultural Tourism in India and Co-author of a book on Historiography (2007-2008).  He has guided 2 M.Phils and 1 Ph.D’s.  He served as Director of an Orientation programme on Art and Science of teaching History and Regional Seminar on Cultural Tourism in Telangana. During his tenure Head (2006-2008).  He served has convener for Telangana Region to compile a Volume on Freedom Struggle in Hyderabad State sponsored by Rajeev Gandhi foundation (2007).  He is a member of District Tourism Promotion Council, Warangal and delivered talks in All India Radio, Warangal; and T.V. Channels, on History Culture, Tourism and Education.  He served as Joint Director of University Hostels.  At present he is the Vice-Principal of University College, Kakatiya University.

                Dr. T. Manohar has contributed 9 articles during 2003-2009. He attended the International Seminar on History of Religions (To mark the Centenary Mircea Eliade), organized by UGC Academic Staff College, JNU, New Delhi on 08-10 October 2007 and also Presented a Paper in the XX Conference of the International Association of Historians of Asia (IAHA) at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi on 14-17 November 2008, in the Panel of 29 i.e., Religious Cult, Region and Identity of South Asia, on The Mother Goddess of Jogulambha – Renuka Ellamma at Alampur – A Study.  He has edited a book on Economic History of India.  He has guided 8 M.Phils and One Ph.D’.  He served as Co-ordinator of SC/ST Coaching Centre for NET, Kakatiya University in 2005-2008.  At present, he is the Head of the Department of History & Tourism Management, Kakatiya University.

                Dr. T. Dayakar Rao has contributed 4 articles during 2003-2009.  He is the Article of a book on Rachakond Devarakonda Velamas Rule (1323-1475A.D).  He has edited History of Modern Europe.  He has successfully organized 32nd Session of the Andhra Pradesh History Congress at Warangal in 2008 and served as Local Secretary.  He has served as Joint Director University Hostels and now he is the Director of University Hostel, Kakatiya University.

                Dr. P. Sadanandam has contributed 12 articles in the field of Folklore Studies.  He has also authored a book on Art and Culture of Marginalized Nomadic Tribes in Andhra Pradesh.  He is the Author and Co-authors of few books on Modern Andhradesa, Modern Europe, ancient civilization, Indian Heritage and culture and Historiography etc,.  Now he is the Treasurer of Andhra Pradesh History Congress and Joint Director of the University Hostels, Kakatiya University.

Our faculty members produced reading material for Dr.BR. Ambedkar Open University, Telugu Academy, SDLCE– KU, for under graduate and post graduate and AP History Congress volume on History & Culture of Andhra Pradesh.


The Deccan plateau reclines from west to east between the two Ghats forming two major river valleys, Godavari and Krishna. This area was ruled by very famous dynasties during the historical period from Satavanhanas to the recent Asaf AJahis spanning over 2000 years. Besides this, the region provides rich data on Neolithic, Mesolithic and Megalithic cultures. The Department of History made a humble attempt to explore the Neolithic and Megalithic sites in and around Warangal town where Megalithic burials are found in good number. Since 1985 the Department undertook exploration work in the surrounding taluks like Jangaon (Warangal district) Suryapet (Nalgonda district) Nelakondapalli (Khammam district) Agiripalli (Krishna district) and Bavkonda (Vishakapatnam district). The Department has the benefit of collaboration with the Department of Archaeology, Government of Andhra Pradesh in the excavation work at the above places. The field work of the students was supported by the University.

                The Department has also undertaken the programme for the Department undertook preservation and conservation of historical monuments in collaboration with Archaeological Survery of India, New Delhi. This activity at various Kakatiya Monuments like Thousand-pillar temple, Warangal fort,  Ramappa temple, Ghanpur complex of temples.


Faculty Name

Title of the Books



Prof.P.Hymavati Scientists of Andhradesa:Ancient and Medieval Bhargava Publications, Warangal 2002
Prof.P. Hymavati History of Ayurveda in Andhradesa (AD 14th –17th C) Bhargava Publications, Warangal 1993
Prof.P. Hymavati Vijayangara: Life and Times of Tuluva Veera Narsimha Raya, New Era Publications,  Madras 1994
Prof.P. Hymavati Kakatiya Vaibhava Toranalu Bhargava Publications, Warangal 2006
Dr. S. Srinath Discover Warangal Department of History & Tourism Management 2006
Dr. S. Srinath Kakatiya Journal of Historical Studies (Ed.) Department of History &  Tourism Management 2006
Dr. G. Bhadru Naik Eradication of Caste and Birth of New Humanity (Ed.) Published by Deep & Deep Publication (p) Ltd, New Delhi 2002
Dr. G. Bhadru Naik Buddhism and Modern Society (Ed.) Published by Deep & Deep Publication (p) Ltd, New Delhi 2007
Dr. G. Bhadru Naik Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Vision of Dalit uplift and its Contemporary relevance (Ed.) Sree Bhagwan Publications, Hyderabad 2007
Dr. G. Bhadru Naik History of Andhra Desha from A.D. 1724-1956 (Ed) Telugu Text book for M.A. History, Students of SDLCE, KU 2007
Dr. T. Dayakar Rao Polity, Society and Economy under the Rachakonda and Devarakonda Velama’s Rule 1323-1475 A.D. Bhagavan Publishers, Hyderabad  in press
Dr. P. Sadanandam Art and Culture of Marginalised Nomadic Tribes in Andhra Pradesh Gyan Publishing house, New Delhi. 2008


S.No Name of the Teacher

Title of the Project

   01 Prof. Y. Sudershan Rao 1. Making of Indian Constitution
2. Understanding Indian History Search for an Alternative
3. Jain Vestiges in Warangal
02 Prof. A. Bobbili 1. Historiography from the Below
2. Forest policy of Nizam state 1927-1948
3. Women in Indian History-Culture
03 Prof. P. Hymavathi 1. Agricultural Technology in Medieval South  India
2. European Notices on Indian Drugs and  Medical Practices
3. Agro-based Industries and Technological Development in
Medieval Andhradesa
2001-2004 2004-2007
04 Prof. L. Vidyasagar Reddy History of Irrigation in Andhradesa 1985-1986
05 Prof. Syed Ayub Ali Socio-Economic and Cultural Conditions under Kakatiyas 1984-1985
06 Dr. G. Bhadru Naik Social Organization among the Banjaras of Telangana 1994-1995
07 Dr. K. Vijaya Babu Pandavulagutta – a Tourist site in Warangal District 2001-2002

Thrust area of RESEARCH

The Department has the guided research in the following areas.

  1. Kakatiya: Agriculture, industry, Irrigation and Society
  2. Qutb Shahi: Agriculture, industry, Irrigation, Trade & Commerce and Society
  3. Freedom Struggle in Andhra and Telangana
  4. Land Problems & Agrarian Relations in Telangana
  5. Dalit Studies in Telangana
  6. Folklore Studies
  7. Biographies
  8. Oral History
  9. Historiography
  10. Women Studies
  11. Science and Technology
  12. Tribal Studies
  13. Working Class Movements