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Kakatiya University Kakatiya University
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Affiliated Colleges
Affiliated Colleges
Books and Journals:

Number of National and International Journals subscribed on the subject are:

National Journals Subscribed: Ten(10)
  • Acta Cinecia India-Physics(Monthly)
  • Bulletin of Material Science(Bi-Monthly)
  • Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences, Sec. D-Physics(Bi-Monthly)
  • Electronics For You(Monthly)
  • Indian Journal of Physics(Monthly)
  • Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences(Monthly)
  • Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics(Bi-Monthly)
  • Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy(Quarterly)
  • Physics Education(Quarterly)
  • Pranama(Monthly)
  • Proc.of INSA(Bi-Monthly)
  • Resonance(Monthly)
  • Sadhana (Engineering Science)(Bi-Monthly)

  • International:
  • Physics world(Monthly)
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