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Details of the research grant received from different agencies during the last five years:

S.No Name of the Investigator Title of the project and duration Amount in Rupees Funding Agency
1. Prof. B. Venkatram Reddy Vibrational Spectroscopic Investigations & DFT Calculations of some Biomolecules. (2012-2015) 11.45 Lakhs UGC NewDelhi

Research Activity:
  • Prof. B. Venkatram Reddy : Molecular Spectroscopy, DFT Computatons and Glass-ceramics
  • Dr.C.J.Srilatha : Liquid Crystals & Thin Films
  • Dr.T.Thirumala Rao : Mechanical properties of Crystals 
  • Mrs. G. Manjula : Gamma-Ray Absorption studies
  • Dr.G.Padmaja : Material Science 
  • Dr.N.Varalaxmi : Composite Materials
  • Dr. A. Narendar : Dielectric Materials
  • Mr. A. Raju : Solid State Physics
  • Dr.E.Venkateshwar Rao : Defects in Crystals