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Sl.No. Title with Page Nos. Book Title, Editor & Publisher ISSN / ISBN No. Whether peer reviewed No. of Co-authors Whether you are the main author Year
1 A text book of Zoology for B.Sc students Unit-I &Unit-IV  Page No. Unit-I 1.11 to 6.9 Unit-I V 1.1 to 4.9 A text book of Zoology for B.Sc I year students  Surya Publications, Vijayawada,   Peer reviewed 02 Third author 2009
2 A text book of Zoology for B.Sc students Unit-I Protochordata to Amphibia Page No. 1.1 to 5.35 A text book of Zoology for B.Sc II year students,Surya Publications, Vijayawada   Peer reviewed 03 Fourth author 2010
3 Zoology Practical Paper-III  Manual Animal Physiology, Genetics Evolution Page No.153-195 UG teachers on Revised syllabi Faculty development programme Organized by University Arts& Science college, Kakatiya University, Warangal   Peer reviewed 02 Second author 2011
4 A text book of Zoology-I for B.Sc students Unit-1&2 Page No. 1-60 Telugu Academy Publishers, Hyderabad, Telangana State     04 Third author 2016
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List of distinguished alumni of the Department of Zoology

Sl. No. Name of the Alumni Designation Working Place
1. Dr. V. Radhakrishna Scientist National Institute of Health, Bethedsa, USA
2. Dr.J. Shankar Scientist Medical School, USA
3. Dr. V. Ramesh Scientist Biotech, USA
4. Dr. G. Chandramouli Scientist Medical College Hospital, New York
5. Dr. P. Usha Rani Scientist E, IICT (CSIR), Hyderabad
6. Dr. Y. Venkata Ramana Scientist Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad
7. Dr. A. Muralidhar Rao Product Manager Jhonson & Jhonson, Cardiac Medical Division, Chennai
8. Dr. K. Rajendra Kumar IPS, DGP Kashmir
9. Dr. A. Ravi District Malaria Officer Adilabad
10. Mr. Veerabrahmam IAS, Collector Karimnagar
11. Dr. Md. Sabir Hussain Scientist U.S. Airforce, U.S.A.
12. Dr.J.Venkateshwar Rao Scientist IICT, Hyderabad
13 Dr.G.Venugopal Scientist Central Institute of Fisheries (ICAR), Kakinada
14. Dr.Raghothama Swamy Joint Director Fishery Department, AP
15 Dr.P.Jayaprakash Director Central Silk Board, Assam
16 Dr.G.Surender Reddy RDO Hanamkonda
17 Dr.J.Prasad Deputy Financial Advisor Secretariat, Hyderabad
18 Mrs.Nutan Parimala DSP Hyderabad
19 J,Uday Bhasker Income Tax Officer (IRS) Hyderabad