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Name of the Teacher Title of the Project Duration Funding Agency Amount (In Rs.)
Prof. M. Swamy (Retd.) Ecological studies and plankton diversity of certain lentic water bodies of Adilabad dist. (AP) 2011-14 UGC 8,72,800/-
Prof. Ch. Sammaiah (Retd.) Ecological impacts of Bt. Cotton on Soil Biodiversity, 2011-14 UGC 7,53,800/-
Risk assessment and ecological effects of transgenic Bt. Cotton Non-target organisms 2016-18 UGC 7,44,000/-
Prof. M. Krishna Reddy Anti HIV activity of the extracts of fresh water muscles (Lamidens marginalis) 2011-14 UGC 8,92,200/-
Prof. Y. Prameela Devi Development of Biosensors for environmental monitoring of endocrine disrupting chemicals. 2011-14 UGC 12,09,800/-
Study and evaluation of storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals and nuclear waste underground caverns. 2010 Govt. of Australia $ Aus Dollars 20,000/-
Prof. T. Ravinder Reddy Survey of Enzyme variations in fishes exposed constantly to industrial effluents. 2011-14 DST 2,50,000/-
Ecological studies and plankton diversity of certain lentic water bodies of Warangal dist. (AP) 2011-14 UGC 14,60,000/-
Dr.G. Shamitha  
Studies on the genetic diversity and breeding of Tasar silkworm, A.mylitta 2013-16 UGC 13,00,000/-
Molecular characterization of tasar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta 2011-14 DBT 29,50,000/-
Chromatin opening by satellite DNA-binding drugs in Bombyx mori and Antheraea mylitta and its importance in Seribiotechnology 2011-14 DBT 14,00,000/-
Factors responsible for Non-adaptability of tasar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta D, to indoor rearing. 2008-11 UGC 9,30,000/-
Dr.Y. Venkaiah Study of Esterases in paratoid Gland secretions of the Toad(Bufomxelanostictus) 2011-14 UGC 8,31,800/-
Dr. M. Estari In vitro HIV type-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activities of some active compounds from Phyllanthus emblica fruits 2014-17 DBT   47,45,000/-
Isolation, partial purification and characterization of Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) protease inhibitors from fresh water mussels (Lamellidens marginalis) 2013-16   DBT   21,20,000/-  
Protection of alpha crystallin activity 2014-15 UGC 22,86,836/-
In vitro study on anti-HIV Activity of some medicinal plants Used by tribal people of Adilabad District, A.P. 2012-13 APCOST 2,20,000/-  
Dr. E. Narayana Limnological studies on fresh water fauna in Pakhal lake of Pakhal Wildlife sanctuary, Warangal, Telangana. 2011-14 UGC 7,08,600/-
Dr.G.Rajender Screening of Riboflavin binding protein (RFBP) from avian eggs to screen their anti-cancer activity 2012-15 UGC 10,57,000
Dr.Ch.Sravanthi Study on Ecology of Termites in Phakala Wild life sanctuary in AP 2014-15 UGC 1,10,000