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• Though the Department is quite young, overcoming its teething problems it has made rapid strides in the areas of teaching, research, training and extension under the guidance of eminent senior teachers, coupled with young, dynamic and committed teachers. The teachers have upgraded their subject knowledge time to time through research and undergoing specialized training at reputed universities and research institutes. The teachers have published a large number of papers in National and International journals and authored a number of books for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.
• The students graduated from this department are getting job opportunities in teaching, industry. The most of the students are working in MNC’s.
• The department, through its research, is interacting with industry, research establishments in order to train the students. In brief, the department excels itself in teaching and research among all the departments of University.
The faculty and research scholars of the Department through their innovative research have developed the following technologies that can be transmitted to industry and society

1. Networking
2. Project developments
3. Chip level technology hardware