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S.No Awardee Name Thesis Topic Supervisor Name Date of Registration Date of Award
1 S.Naga Parameshwara Chary “A Novel Approach of Classification Technique in Data Mining” Dr.B.Rama 21-09-2015 27-03-2023
2 Shaeen Layaq Classification of Imbalanced Data using Machine Learning Dr.B.Manjula 08-03-2018 25-02-2023
3 P. Venkateshwarlu Auto-Curation of Best Photo from Large Volume of Database using Machine Learning Dr.B.Manjula 07-03-2018 29-08-2022
4 T. Sampath Kumar “An Innovative Approach to Secure Data Over Cloud”. Dr.B.Manjula 08-03-2018 03-02-2022
5 Harchana Bhoopati “Study of Stock Markets by Using Casual Data Mining” Dr. B. Rama 25-07-2015 15-12-2021
6 T. Rajani Devi “A Heuristic Approach to Classify the Software Reusable Components” Dr. B. Rama 24-09-2015 14-12-2021
7 TP Sameera Pallavi “Stock Price Prediction Using Map Reduce Approach” Dr.B.Manjula 25-07-2015 07-12-2021
8 Ramu Vankudoth “A Model Recommender System with Efficient Toxonomy of Software Reusable Components” Dr.P.Shireesha 27-07-2015 05-10-2021
9 Ameen Abdullah Quaid “Reviews Extraction and Mining on Big Data Using Sentiment Analysis”. Dr.B.Manjula 06-03-2017 01-10-2021
10 Bandela Vishnuvardhan “Innovative Solutions for Security Issues in Mobile Banking” Dr.B.Manjula 29-07-2015 20-09-2021
11 Thoyazan Sultan Ali Algaradi “Study and Development of Heuristic Solutions for Securing Big Data”. Dr. B. Rama 13-12-2017 06-09-2021
12 Mokhtar Husssein Abdulwahab Al-Sarori Intelligent Digital Image Water Marking Techniques for Copy Right Management Based on Soft Computing Dr.B.Manjula 30-07-2015 01-12-2020
13 D. Ramesh “Selection of Security Techniques and Service Model to Deploy the Data in Cloud Computing” Dr. B. Rama 24-09-2015 29-08-2020
14 V. Venkateshwarlu “Analysis and Design of Load Balancing Techniques in the Cloud Computing” Dr. B. Rama 24-09-2015 23-09-2019
15 P. Praveen “A Heuristic Tree Structured Vector Quantization for Clustering the Data” Dr. B. Rama 24-09-2015 30-03-2019
16 Santhosh Kumar Henge (NRI) Indian Language – Telugu Handwritten and Printed Consonants, Mixed and Conjunct Consonants Character Recognition based on Layered Approach by using Advanced Fuzzy Logic Controller Dr. Boddi Reddy Rama 11-08-2014 03-07-2018
Last Five Years Awardees
17 Bapuji Valaboju Dr.A.Govardhan (Supervisor), Professor of CSE, JNT University, Hyderabad 01-01-2009 12-08-2014
18 Mr.M.Chandrapal Prof.A.Vinaya Babu (Supervisor), Dept.of CSE, JNT University, Hyderabad 01-01-2009 19-04-2014
19 Mr.R.Vijaya Prakash Prof.A.Govardhan, Dept.of CSE, JNT University, Hyderabad.,Prof.S.S.V.N.Sharma (Co-supervisor) 01-01-2009 13-03-2014
20 Mr.Rangaraju Naveen Kumar Prof.A.Govardhan (Supervisor), Dept.of CSE, JNT University, Hyd., Prof.SSVN.Sharma (Co Supervisor) 01-01-2009 04-03-2014
21 Shireesha Pakala Prof.A.Govardhan ,J.N.T.University, Hyd. and Prof.S.S.V.N.Sarma ,(Co-Supervisor) 01-01-2009 03-07-2013
22 Manjula Bairam Prof.A.Govardhan ,J.N.T.University, Hyd. and Prof.S.S.V.N.Sarma (Co-Supervisor), (Retired) 01-01-2009 16-02-2013
23 Kamalakar Ramineni Prof.A.Vinaya Babu,JNTU H, Hyderabad 01-01-2009 12-05-2012
24 Muzzammil Hussain Prof.A.Vinaya Babu,JNTU, HYD 01-01-2009 07-05-2012