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The Central Instrumentation provides the above facilities to the researchers of all Science Departments including Pharmacy for their research work for achieving their Ph.D. and M. Phil Degrees, and carrying out the research projects. The staff of CIC are also engaging some Physics classes in the Department of Physics in addition to the work of Central Instrumentation Centre. The staff in CIC have also published some papers in some journals

Researchers from other institutions in Warnagal like Regional Engineering College, Kakatiya Medical College, Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science etc. have utilised the facilities available in this centre for their Ph.D. and Post Graduation dissertation work.

Research Scholars from other Universities/institutions in Andhra Pradesh like Osmania University, Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Sri Venkateshwara University and University jof Agriculture/ S.P. College, Womens College, Koti, Hyderabad, used these facilities for their research work. Researchers from neighbouring states have also used these facilities.

Post Graduate students from all the Science Departments of this University visited the centre for practical acquaintance with the latest techniques in Analytical instrumentation and some of them for their routine practical work. Students from other institutions like KITS and KMC, CKM College etc. visited the centre for practical acquaintance with the analytical techniques.

The staff members are engaged in sharing regular work load in concerned departments and also serving as resource persons for refresher courses in various Science Departments of the University.