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Though the Department is quite young, overcoming its teething problems it has made rapid strides in the areas of teaching, research, training and extension under the guidance of eminent senior teachers, coupled with young, dynamic and committed teachers. The teachers have upgraded their subject knowledge time to time through research and undergoing specialized training at reputed universities and research institutes. The teachers have published a large number of papers in National and International journals and authored a number of books for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students. A number of research agencies like UGC, CSIR, DBT, AICTE, and ICMR have sponsored the research projects proposed by teachers. The research work is mostly of multidisciplinary nature. In less than ten years duration about twenty scholars were awarded Ph.D. degrees under the guidance of teaching faculty and all of them are well placed. Recognizing the potential for advanced research UGC, New Delhi has recognized this department for special financial assistance under both SAP and Non SAP programmes. In addition, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi has identified this Department for financial assistance under Fund for Improvement of Science & Technology (FIST)
The students graduated from this department are getting job opportunities in teaching, industry, agriculture and health related fields. Many of the students are pursuing research in reputed National and International institutes and few of them have settled abroad. It is a matter of pride for the Department that all the students up to the last batch have been absorbed in one or other fields.
The department, through its research, is interacting with industry, research establishments in order to train the students. In brief, the department excels itself in teaching and research among all the departments of University.
The faculty and research scholars of the Department through their innovative research have developed the following technologies that can be transmitted to industry and society
1. Mycotoxins –Purification and characterization
2. Biofuel- Hydrogen production from wastewaters
3. Bioinoculants for agroforestry in waste and disturbed lands
4. Decolorization of dyes
5. Biodesulphurisation fossil fuels (coal)
6. Cultivation of indigenous mushroom fungi
7. Biotransformation of Organic compounds

Patent Field
Shyam Prasad .G., S.Girisham and S.M.Reddy 2012 AMicrobial transformation process for synthesis of fenofibric acid from fenofibrate – Application No 11/ CHE/2012 A The Patent Office Journal 13.01.2012