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S.No Awardee Name Thesis Topic Supervisor Name Date of Registration Date of Award
1 Nareshkumar Regula Political Economy of Demonetization and Digitalization - A Study on Selected Sector in Warangal District Prof. B. Sureshal Lal 28-04-2018 22-03-2022
2 M.Madhavi Child Labour in India: Awareness and Policy Constraints – A Study of Khammam District Dr. K. Mohan Reddy 25-08-2014 31-12-2021
3 Jannarapu Devakka Energy Requirement and Energy Efficiency in Paddy Cultivation - A Study in Warangal District Prof. B. Sureshal Lal 28-04-2018 31-12-2021
4 Moola Navya Agricultural Vicissitudes and Farmer Suicides – A Study Dr. K. Mohan Reddy 25-08-2014 28-01-2021
5 T. Dayakar Role of Institutional Credit in the Socio-Economic Development of Small Farmers – A Study Dr.K. Mohan Reddy 01-04-2016 12-11-2020
6 B.Kavitha Socio-Demographic Profile of the Population – A Study in the Telangana State Dr.K.Mohan Reddy 01-04-2016 12-11-2020
Last Five Years Awardees
7 Banoth Bicha Socio-Economic and Health Conditions of Tribal Child Labours: A Study in Warangal District Dr.B.Suresh Lal 27-10-2018
8 J.Rajaiah Economic Analysis of Paddy Cultivation – A Study Dr.K.Mohan Reddy 05-07-2017
9 P.Mohini Implementation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Karimnagar District – A Study in Jagtial Mandal Prof. G. Rajaiah (Retd.), 30-05-2017