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The Research Journal Vimarshini The Telugu Department of Kakatiya University started publishing a research Journal entitled “Vimarshini” from 1976 highlighting the research work of the staff members. This is a unique and first attempt among all the Telugu Departments in the universities of the state. So far the department published 14 issues of Vimarshini and most of the issues are special numbers on some significant subjects of Telugu Literature. Like –
  • Viswanatha Satyanarayana
  • Rayaprolu Subba Rao
  • Pothana
  • Palkuriki Somanatha
  • Modern Poetry.
  • Novel
  • Drama
  • Telangana Literature
  • Mahabharatha

Our Teachers in Creative Fields

The Teachers of our Deparment have won a rare distinctions as poets. Those are…
  • K.V. Ramakota Sastry ( Classical)
  • K. Suprasannacharya (Trend Setter of “CHETHANA VARTHAM”)
  • P. Jagannatham (Trend Setter of “CHETHANA VARTHAM”)
  • Sampathkumaracharya (Trend Setter of “CHETHANA VARTHAM”)
  • M. Ranaga Rao ( Free Verce)
  • A. Bhoomaiah ( Classical)
  • B. Ilaiah ( Dalith)