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Present details of departmental infrastructural facilities with regard to



Library Well equiped with furniture with seating capacity of 24, 6 Iron Book Shelves.  Total Number of Books 600 of Different fields of life sciences.


Internet facilities for staff and students Networking Lab is equiped with 15 modren in built computer systems with internet fecility and very good seating accomodation
3. Total number of class rooms
4. Class rooms with ICT facility 4
5 Students’ laboratories 2
6. Research laboratories 7 they are well equiped with different laboratory equipments
7. Botanical Garden Botanical Garden is with trees, shrubes, herbs and tendrillar claimbers of academic curriculam




1. Rota-Michine for the Plant Crude Extortions

2. Spectrophotometer

3. Stereo-Micro-Scoph

4. Refrigerated Centrifuge

5. PCR-1

6. PCR-2

7. Orbital-Shaker

8. HPSC-Chromtography

9. Green-House

10. Gel-Electrophoratic-Unit

11. Gel-Doc

12. Fluorescent Microscope-II

13. Dry-Bath

14. Comp-Lab with Internet fecility

15. Temperature Water-Both