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Research thrust areas as recognized by major funding agencies:
  • Algal Biotechnology
  • Biological Invasions
  • Ethnobotany
  • Fungal Metabolites
  • Plant Tissue Culture

Number of faculty with ongoing projects from

Name of the Investigator

Title of the Project


Funding Agenc

Prof.  M.A.S. Charya Antimicrobial Activity of Nitrogen fixing Cyanobacteria from paddy fields.

3 years


Prof. N. Ramaswamy  Ongoing = 01

03 years


Prof. V.S. Raju  Completed =01

03 years(2009-2012)


Prof. B. Digamber Rao  Completed=01

03 years (2009-2012)


Prof. A. Ragan  Ongoing = 01

03 years (2012-2015)


Prof. A. Seetaram Naik Selection of Elite Biotypes of Terminalia species through PCR Markers and their conservation through in-vitro propagation

03 years (2011-2014)


Dr. V. Krishna Reddy Studies on incidence and management of mycotoxins in poultry feeds of Warangal District (A.P.)

3 years


Dr. M. Surekha Completed-01

2008 to 2011


Dr. T. Christopher DNA profiling of Chilli peppers (Capsicum annuum) using RAPD-PCR Markers

3 years (2009-2012)


Dr. MD. Mustafa Molecular Marker based
Sex determination in Momordica dioca and in vitro propagation of female plants

3 Years  (2009-2012)



  • National: UGC, IIRS.
  • International funding agencies, and:
  • NilTotal grants received:.

Give the names of the funding agencies, project title and grants received project-wise.

Inter-institutional collaborative projects and associated grants received:
International collaboration:

  • Centre for Rizhobium studies school biological sciences and biotechnology- Perth, Australia.
  • Embrapa Agroliologia, Riodejaneiro, Brazil.
  • Biochemistry and Genomic Unit, Montevideo, URUGUAY.
  • National Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (NIGEB), IRAN
  • Departmental projects funded by DST-FIST; UGC-SAP/CAS, DBT, ICSSR, AICTE, etc. Total grants received: Rs. 65,00,000/-


Name of the Teacher

Title of the Books /Article

Details of Publication
Prof. .A. Sadanandam

Book chapters=04
Research publications=16


Prof. M.A. Singaracharya

Research publications=18



Prof. N. Ramaswamy





Prof. S. Girisham

Research publications=10



Prof. B. Digamber Rao

06-Books published and 25-communicated.

Phycology Antibacterial activity phytoplankton studies Anti microbial activity
Prof. A. Ragan

Research publications=08

1).The identity and occurrence of Phyllanthus  hookeri and P. nozeranii........... Bangladesh J. Plant Tax.
2). Diversity of NTFP’s and their utilization in ...................................... J. Plant Studies
Prof. A. Seetaram Naik

06 (Research Publications)

1). In- Vitro Micro propagation of Winged Bean.
2). Ethnic people and plants presented at PSTU.
3). DNA Fingerprinting of Terminalia arjuna and its conservation through Tissue Culture.
Dr. V. Krishna Reddy  03 Books (1 chapter each); 11 (Research Publications) Microbial quality of raw and pasteurized Milk samples collected from different places of Warangal dist., AP, India.
Dr. M. Surekha

20-publications published

Seasonal variation in mycoflora of unmilled rice in relation to mycotoxins contamination. Pak. J. Phytopathol. 24(2): 90-96.
Dr B. Lalitha Kumari

1 Book (1 Chapter)

Dr. T. Christopher

2 chapters in two books-02 and
01 article
07-publications published

Ovary extract induced normal somatic embryo development in hypocotyls and cotyledon explants of Solanum melongena L. var. pusa. Invitro plant leaf regeneration from leaf 2 stem calluses of Rauvolfia febraphyta and confirmation of plantlets by ISSR-PCR method.
Dr. MD. Mustafa

04-publications published


Faculty selected nationally/internationally to visit other laboratories/institutions/industries in India and abroad
  • International collaboration for exchange programme Perth, Australia (2008).
  • TWAS AWARD: Visit to Brazil & Uruguay (2012).