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Animal Cell Culture Facility:

Animal cell culture syllabus is included in M.Sc biotechnology syllabus, Hence all the basic necessities such as Laminar air flow, Co2 incubator, Phase contrast inverted microscope etc. are available. The lab is equipped with All the required glassware and chemicals are available. This facility will be utilized by the students and research scholars of department and also useful other departments

Plant Tissue Culture Facility:

Well established tissue culture facility is available in the department. This facility contain Inoculation chamber with two laminar air flows, Culture room with optimum incubation conditions and temperature controlled Green house for acclimatization. It is utilized by the students and research scholars.

Microbial Culture Facility:

Microbiology syllabus is included in M.Sc Biotechnology curriculum. Hence, sufficient equipment such as laminar air flow, bacterial growth chambers, gyratory shaker are available in the facility.

Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility:

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi has sanctioned (Rs. 43.0 Lakhs) Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) for promotion of Biology teaching through Bioinformatics (BTBI) to Kakatiya University, Warangal, AP under the Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISnet) Programme, appointing Prof. A. Sadanandam as Coordinator for the Center. We have created a separate lab in the building of Biotechnology, Kakatiya University. Complete equipment hardware and software is procured and BSNL Broad Band connectivity is obtained. The facility is being utilized by the Faculty, Research Scholars and Student of Biology departments.

Green houses and Poly houses: Three green houses and Two Poly houses are avialable at Department for usage of faculty and research scholars.

SAP-DRS Programme:

University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi has sanctioned Rs.32.50 lakhs under SAP-DRS scheme for promotion of infrastructural facilities and Research in the department

FIST-DST Programme:

Department of Science and Technology, Government of India has sanctioned Rs.52.5 lakhs for infrastructure facility and for the promotion Research and Development.

.SAP-DRS Programme Phase Ii: University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi has sanctioned Rs.71.25 lakhs under SAP-DRS scheme for promotion of infrastructural facilities and Research in the department.

The department is furnished with major equipments which are available and functional in the Department  costing Rs.5 lakhs and above

Name of the equipment Make/company Approx.  Cost (Rs.)
Gel Documentation System Biorad 5.0
Cold Room(Walk-in-chamber) Blue Star 6.0
Gradient PCR Biorad 5.0
Cold Centrifuge Hettich 5.0
Orbital Shaker (2.0 Nos.) New Brunswick 6.0
Fluorescent Microscope Nikon 18.0
Hybridization oven Thermo 2.5
ELISA Reader Biorad 6.5
Co2 incubator Thermo 5.0
Green House Saveer Biotech 10.0
Gel Documentation System) (Biorad 5.5
Cold Centrifuge) (Hermle 6.0
HPLC Schimadzu 8.0
Millipore water purification system (Millipore 7.5
Electro Cell Manipulator (BTX) 6.0
Deep freezer (-860C) Thermo 5.5
ELISA Microplate reader ECIL 6.0
Steriomicroscope NIKON 9.0
Refrigerated Centrifuge Hittich 6.0
Polyhouse Sri Bio Plus 11.5
RT PCR Biorad 9.0