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Research Areas:

Plant tissue culture, Protoplast Culture, Embryo Rescue, In Vitro Mutagenesis, Genetic Engineering, Molecular Biology, Transgenic Technology, Transplastome Technology, Root-knot Nematode interactions, Nitrogen fixation, Telomerase and Cancer Detection, Biomedical Studies, Biodesulphurization and Molecular Markers.

Research Projects:

Number of ongoing projects and their total outlay (Rupees in lakhs): Number-05; total outlay -163.46 Lakhs
  • Prof.A.Sadanandam-2012-2015 "Genetic transformation of Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) with AtNPR1 gene and evaluation of transgenic plants for broad-spectrum disease resistance DST, New Delhi ,Co-Principal Investigator (42.00 Lakhs)
  • Prof.A.Sadanandam-2014-2017"Genetic Engineering for male sterility by the expression of cysteine protease (CP) gene in chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum). DBT, New Delhi,Principal Investigator (42.64 Lakhs). NO. BT/PR7174/PBD/16/1020/2013
  • Prof.N.Rama Swamy-2015-2017 Genetic engineering for developing fungal resistance in Groundnut. UGC, New Delhi, (10.59 Lakhs)
  • Dr. P. Srinivas-2015-2018 "Biodiversity of AM Fungi of forest of North telangana and its exploitation in revegetation of disturbed coal mine spoils and overburdens" DBT-MRP, New Delhi, Prinicipal investigator (34.53 Lakhs). BT/PR7539/BCE/8/950/2012.
  • Dr. P. Srinivas-2016-2020 "Identification of Arbuscular mychorrizal fungi (GLOMUS) using Taxon specific oligonucleotide primers." DST-SERB, Prinicipal investigator (33.70 Lakhs) No. SB/ENEQ-311/2014,dt.16/02/2016.
Research projects completed during last five years and their total outlay: Number-09; Total outlay -152.18 Lakhs

  • Prof.A.Sadanandam-2009-2012 Developing plastid transformation system for expression of mustard annexin gene in tomato for engineering abiotic stress tolerance UGC, New Delhi Principal Investigator (Out lay10.79 lakhs)
  • Prof.A.Sadanandam-2010-2013 Developing plastid transformation system for expression of defensin gene in Capsicum annuum, DST, New Delhi (52.lakhs)
  • Dr.A.V.Rao-2011-2014 Genetic Engineering for Anthracnose disease resistance in Chilli Pepper using Defensin gene (TvD1) UGC, New Delhi (Out lay10.16 lakhs)
  • Prof.A.Sadanandam -2011-2012 UGC One Time Grant (Out lay 7.0 lakhs)
  • Prof.N.Rama Swamy-2007-2010:Development of Protocols for conservation and RAPD analysis of an endangered forest tree species Wrightia tinctoria University Grants Commission, New Delhi. (10.00 lakhs)
  • Prof.N.Rama Swamy- 2011-2014: Molecular characterization of tassar silkworm, Antheraea myliia, Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi. (29.33 lakhs) Co-Investigator
  • Dr.P.Srinivas-2011-2014 "Mass production, Evaluation and Commercialization of Bioinoculants for Agroforestry Nurseries" UGC- MRP (Out lay10.01 lakhs)
  • Dr.T.Christopher-2010-2013-DNA profiling of Chilli pepper (C.annuum) using RAPD-PCR (10.00 lakhs)
  • Dr.T.Shasthree-2012-2015 Micropropagation and genetic transformation through Agrobacterium rhizogenus for production of potential alkaloids in Citrullus colosynthis by UGC (12, 08,)


Doctoral / post doctoral fellows & Students:

Name of the student Achievement/Award/Honour
Mr.K.Venugopal Rao Awarded CAS-TWAS fellowship -2009
Dr.P.Mahender Visited New Castle University, UK as a visiting Scientist-2009
Mr. B. Mallesham(Research Scholar) Awarded with Young guest and Doctoral researchers annual scholarships for investigation and learning (IS-MOBIL YGGDRASIL)  in Norway-2013
Dr. G. Kranthi Kumar Awarded with CAS-TWAS Postdoctoral fellowship and working in CAS, China -2013
Mr B. Mallesham (Research Scholar) Awarded SRF by CSIR, New Delhi-2012
Mr.K.Srinivas (Research Scholar) Awarded CAS-TWAS fellowship -2010
Mr. Murali (Research Scholar) Awarded Inspire DST fellowship-2012
Dr.P.Mahender Awarded UGC- Postdoc Fellowship-2011
Dr.P.Mahender Awarded CAS-TWAS fellowship
Mrs. T. Radhika Awarded CAS-TWAS fellowship-2010
Mrs. T. Radhika Awarded Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fellowship-2010
Mr.R.Gulabkhan Awarded Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fellowship-2009
Mr.R.Gulabkhan Awarded UGC- Maulana Azad National Fellowship-2010
Mr.Kota Srinivas Awarded UGC- Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship-2009
Mr.B.Prasad Awarded DST Inspire Fellowship-2010
Ms.Vijaya Awarded DST Inspire Fellowship-2013
Mr.Shabazuddin Awarded DST Inspire Fellowship and working at CFTRI Mysore-2013
Ms.Mahalaxmi Veena Awarded UGC- Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship2013
Ms.Rathna Prabha Awarded UGC- Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship-2013
Mr.Althaf Shaik Awarded UGC- Maulana Azad National Fellowship-2104
Mr. Mood Kasim Awarded UGC- Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship2015
Mr.L.Suresh Awarded UGC- Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship2015
Mr.B.Hussain Awarded UGC- Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship2016
Mrs.J.Kiranmayee Awarded UGC- Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship2016
Mrs.Ramya Chouhan Awarded UGC- Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship-2016
Mrs. Shama Nazrin Awarded UGC- Maulana Azad National Fellowship-2015
Ms.V.Suvarchala Awarded UGC- Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship 2016
Dr.Kota Srinivas Awarded UGC- Postdoc Fellowship 2014
Dr.B.Prasad Awarded UGC- Postdoc Fellowship 2015
Mr. D. Sandya Awarded DST Inspire Fellowship-2016



  • Padma Sree Prof.Balasubramanian, Director of Research, LV Prasad Eye institute, Hyderabad
  • Prof. Ravi Tiwari, Center for Rhizobium Studies, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia.
  • Prof. MGK Jones. Director, SABC, Murdoch University,  Perth, Western Australia   
  • Dr.Sabir Hussain, Scientist, US Air Force Academy, USA
  • Prof. Arjula R Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa
  • Padma Bhushan Dr.Varaprasad Reddy, CEO, Shanta Biotechnic, Hyderabad
  • Dr.Karan I. Adams& Dr.Marvis J.Larry, Central Michigun university, USA
  • Prof. Gheeredrhanogzi & Prof.Gabrel Ogba, Academic Vice-President of Eritria Institute of Science and Technology & Dean of Social Sciences, Eritria.
  • Padma Sree Prof. MV Rao, Former Vice-Chancellor, NG. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad. 
  • Dr.Uldrich Podewils,  Director, DAAD, New Delhi
  • Prof. PB Sheshagiri, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  • Dr.Rakesh Mishra, CCMB, Hyderabad
  • Dr.KV Radha Kishan, GVK Bioscience, Hyderabad
  • Dr.Suprasanna, Baba Atomic Research Center, Mumbai
  • Prof.SK Sopory, ICGEB, New Delhi
  • Prof.RG Herrmann, Botanitche Institute, Germany
  • Prof. Jacques Hille, Groningen University, The Netherlands
  • Prof.Francisco JL Aragao, Embrapa, Brazil
  • Prof.Autar  K Matoo, Agricultural Research Center, Beltsville, USA
  • Prof.Jaideep Mathur, University of Guelph, Canada
  • Prof.Manoel deSouza, Wageningen, The Netherlands
  • Prof. Laszlo Szabados, BRC, Szeged, Hungary
  • Dr.Nuthan Koushik, TERI
  • Prof. SP. Adhikary, Vice-Chancellor,Fakir Mohan University, Balasore,Odisha,India
  • Prof.M.V.Rajam,University of Delhi, New Delhi,India
  • Dr. Martina Silber,LMU, Munich, Germany
  • Dr.Salimuddin, AMU, Aligarh,India
  • Dr.Shailaja Bhattacharya, CDRI, Luknow,India
  • Prof. M. G. K. Jones, SABC, Murdoch University, Perth,Australia
  • Dr. Prakash Halami, CFTRI, Mysore,India
  • Prof Ali Akbar Ehsanpour,University of Isfahan, Iran
  • Prof. P. B. Kirti,University of Hyderabad,India
  • Dr.Sunil Kumar Verma, CCMB, Hyderabad,India
  • Prof.Rodrigues, Goa University,India
  • Dr.Ravinder Malik, NDRI, Karnal,India
  • Prof.IS Dua Panjab University, Chandigarh,India
  • Dr.P.Giridhar,CFTRI, Mysore,India
  • Dr.Vidya Gupta NCL, Pune,India
  • Prof. S.R.RaoNorth Eastern Hill University, Shillong,India
  • Prof. Sonam TassiRayal Bhutan University, Bhutan