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Research Projects:

Number of ongoing projects and their total outlay (Rupees in lakhs): Number-05; total outlay -163.46 Lakhs

  • Prof.A.Sadanandam-2014-2017"Genetic Engineering for male sterility by the expression of cysteine protease (CP) gene in chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum). DBT, New Delhi,Principal Investigator (42.64 Lakhs). NO. BT/PR7174/PBD/16/1020/2013
  • Prof.N.Rama Swamy-2015-2017 Genetic engineering for developing fungal resistance in Groundnut. UGC, New Delhi, (10.59 Lakhs)
  • Dr. P. Srinivas-2015-2018 "Biodiversity of AM Fungi of forest of North Telangana and its exploitation in revegetation of disturbed coal mine spoils and overburdens" DBT-MRP, New Delhi, Prinicipal investigator (34.53 Lakhs). BT/PR7539/BCE/8/950/2012.
  • Dr. P. Srinivas-2016-2020 "Identification of Arbuscular mychorrizal fungi (GLOMUS) using Taxon specific oligonucleotide primers." DST-SERB, Prinicipal investigator (33.70 Lakhs) No. SB/EMEQ-311/2014,dt.16/02/2016.

Research projects completed during last five years and their total outlay: Number-04; Total outlay -121.46 Lakhs

Number of awards received by the Institution, its teachers and students from Government recognised bodies in recognition of the extension activities carried out during the last five years

Total number of awards and recognition received for extension activities from Government / Government recognised bodies year wise during the last five years